Pochacco is not a scammer just slow sometimes

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22-04-2006 22:55:16

She finally came through for me after I posted on here, I think she just has a lot going on and losses track of things. Good trader though.


22-04-2006 23:13:42

i had a trade with her and the problem was that she didn't know i had alreayd sent her paypal payment, but once i reminded her once or twice, i got my green a day after i got a yellow


22-04-2006 23:39:01

Been waiting for about 10 days for her to signup. Just PMed her.


22-04-2006 23:42:03

She seems very cooperative to me, responds to my PMs. We have traded 5 times with one trade pending.


23-04-2006 00:57:27

jmuss I have couple trades going on so I missed your site. Sorry. I'll get my friend to sign up asap. Sorry again.

stackmjwiz in my last pm, I said I could get my friend to do your OrderIt4Free site for $25, but you set up the trade for only $17. I accidently confirmed the trade but it was too little for my friend to do that trade. They will do the tickle offer, which will cost them $4.95, so there's no way I can get my friend to do that site for you for $17. Sorry for not telling you earlier. Paypal refunded.

Bill and Aurelius thanks for speaking for me. Thank you!


23-04-2006 10:45:26

she still hasnt gone green for me either i did her dvdrecorders4free and she still hanst done yfvi


23-04-2006 13:54:41

went red for me but paid me back really quick so I still think she's a good trader -)


23-04-2006 16:02:32

I've never had a problem but I will talk to her and make sure she takes care of her end...


23-04-2006 16:56:38

brisktea, you should already gotten my email that I got my friend signed up for your site last night and completed the offer before posting here. Don't know why you're still posting (


27-04-2006 10:49:49

From my post in the previous thread I've traded with pochacco three times already, and must say that she is an excellent, honest trader who is patient and always follows through. Out of 122+ trades, a couple of problems and misunderstandings are bound to come up. I Just want to emphasize that she's an honest trader who will address whatever problems may arise to the best of her ability.


27-04-2006 11:05:30

I've done 2 trades and she is perfect IMO. I think because she has a high TR people assume she'll be signed up and green the instant you finish for her. Trades take time people...


28-04-2006 11:26:03

yeah she rocks. i am going manual credit again for her and she is great about it.
went green for me quicker than i did for her )


28-04-2006 11:36:10

But can she beat fgr_admin?