specialk2k6@gmail.com going red! Who is this?

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22-04-2006 16:57:31

I know most scammers don't register their email with their FiPG screenname, so I was wondering if anyone else had this clown on their status pages?

If so please let me know who it is on here. I usually keep good track of that but this I can't trace back for some reason

special k

22-04-2006 19:42:06

Yeah this isnt me so dont anybody think that. You can ask anybody else who ive traded with and such or whatever my email=s that I would use are email=dk1074@nyu.edudk1074@nyu.edus that I would use are email=dk1074@nyu.edudk1074@nyu.edu/email or email==mrmikekaufman@gmail.commrmikekaufman@gmail.com=mrmikekaufman@gmail.commrmikekaufman@gmail.com/email