jim911 = scammer?

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22-04-2006 10:12:55

i think jim911 is a scammer, we initiated trade on 4/10 and i went instant green that day, and now almost 2 weeks later, he hasn't even signed up for mine after several PMs which he has stopped replying to..


29-04-2006 17:46:03

is there no penalty for scammers on this website? this is ridiculous it's been about 20 days and he hasn't even signed up and gone yellow- everytime i get in contact with him he makes up an excuse and says he'll do it tonight or i'll do it in 30 minutes and now he just ignores me. can a mod please talk to him or do something useful?


29-04-2006 18:54:51

he is tring to trade here



30-04-2006 15:30:27

i have signed up and i only see offers for 100$+ wtf?


30-04-2006 18:07:13

which site is this for?