Evo VIII GSR just scammed me

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20-04-2006 18:18:31

he did my ps3 and got his account put on hold so now he refuses to find me another ref or pay for the ref i did for him.


20-04-2006 18:21:13

He was banned a couple of weeks ago for being a scammer.


24-04-2006 16:26:35

wait, evoviiigsr was officially banned? i thought that post from that other guy was resolved or whatever, cos i have a trade goin on with him and everything is going fine, hes been replyin to all my pm's and everything, and i just went green for him today, and he already signed up for my site, he was jus waitin for me to go green, so theres a good chance he'll do my site

but if hes banned then its gonna be hard to contact him, lol, i just have his e-mail from his signup, hopefully he checks that and i can contact him