matjiz=possible scammer

Live forum:


19-04-2006 21:03:32

I greened on his freepsps, and he was supposed to do my yfvi'

he's been yellow for over a month and won't respond to my pm's or emails.

and it's really frustrating because i have yet to make a successful trade on this board

unknown uchiha

19-04-2006 21:07:49

Hey, I feel your pain. But you should know that the TR system doesn't credit people when both traders are lower than +4TR. I'd suggest that you start trading with higher TRs from now on. I personally have yet to be scammed, but I know how it feels to be cheated out of crap.


19-04-2006 22:28:18

I would contact freepay and ask to have your account put on hold if he won't give you green back.