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15-04-2006 18:45:51

I recently received a PM from "ilovehoo" under the subject hey john, and by the looks of the message, I'm sure a lot of other people got the same one. Just curious to see if I'm right

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good luck!!

Get paid to complete offers. It's like getting free money!
End Quote

There's also a picture of a monkey sitting holding a diamond with the url treasure on it.

Post #100! Man, it was a lame one.


15-04-2006 18:46:53

In otherwords, he's PM spamming?


15-04-2006 18:51:19

I guess, is that common stuff?


15-04-2006 18:57:16

Yeah but it's still against the rules. I'll warn him.


15-04-2006 19:24:15

he did it to me too


15-04-2006 20:12:36

He got me too.