megotcash????????? (Resolved)

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15-04-2006 12:40:34

I think this person scammed me,i did his minimacs freeproject and after i pmed him several days ago he hasn't responded =/
where are you??????????? megotcash


15-04-2006 15:46:54

Well when was the last time he was on? And check your outbox. If it is still there he probably hasn't been on since you pm'ed him.


15-04-2006 18:38:13

Re Macminis.thefreeproject...NEED REFS. TRADE OR PAYPAL!!!!! megotcash Wed Apr 12, 2006 720 pm haven't heard from since....


16-04-2006 14:40:39

noone will help me (


16-04-2006 15:01:59

I know megotcash is not a scammer, I have had many trades with him. He is probably out of town.


17-04-2006 14:51:14

Still nothing.............


18-04-2006 08:54:32

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry it has come to this, but whoever DamnSureTBS is, must not have been doing this for a while or something.

I WAS out of town, and am still going to send you paypal. you could've sent me more than on pm before calling me a scammer. I TRIED TO SEND YOU PAYPAL, BUT YOUR ACCOUNT DOESN'T ALLOW IT.

[quote3e6445f9e4="paypal"]This recipient is currently unable to receive money.[/color3e6445f9e4][/size3e6445f9e4][/quote3e6445f9e4]

Also, usually somebody with a TR of 23 isn't scamming people. I don't know what the hell MakeDameSureTBS is really trying to do, but this has most definitely not been the greatest move of them.


18-04-2006 09:20:18

just tried again...still doesn't work


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18-04-2006 12:18:51

its great,now =) he sent me the paypal thanks megotcash this can be closed now.