concerning ms_drag

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unknown uchiha

09-04-2006 16:52:23

I got this email from ms_drag today

[quote903f91cc90]Okay, This is ms_drag. You know the person that paid you to do lcds.free4me?
Can you find out why I have been banned from FIG? I checked my email this morning and I saw that I had a PM from you. I went to check....and found out I was banned!

So, I had to log in from SOMEWHERE else to make another profile stating

my username
asking why I had been banned
and and email and screenname to contact me.

I sat at that forum waiting for about 2hrs for someone to explain to me why was this happening...

and then they banned the new screen name.

Before I was banned AGAIN, I read my old posts to see if I said anything wrong to someone. I said nothing. Then I read ProDigs scam thread. I find out that ProDig has been banned (great!) and then I go on to read that so has his other screen name.....

Are they calling me his other screenname?

Umm #! The only screen name I had was ms_drag
#2 That dumbass scammed me too!
#3 Scammers don't pay people to do referrals....

Man, please just find out whats going on... get the admins(or someone) to atleast contact me and explain to me whats going on. If you help me out I will add $10 to the $30 I already sent..

If they need proof.. I can give them all the proof they need.[/quote903f91cc90]

Pretty much, she wants to know why she has been banned and is asking me to find out.