Looks like some1 has hi-jacked averagejoe's AIM

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08-04-2006 11:53:33

[1150] superjuicy1 u there?
[1151] iwantmymtv35 only if i can suck your penis
[1151] iwantmymtv35 LET ME SUCK IT!
[1151] iwantmymtv35 penis
[1151] superjuicy1 can u send epass?
[1151] iwantmymtv35 penis
[1151] iwantmymtv35 i want it now
[1151] iwantmymtv35 no
[1151] iwantmymtv35 penis
[1151] iwantmymtv35 can u send penis
[1151] iwantmymtv35 cause i like it when they are big and juicy
[1151] superjuicy1 this apprently isnt averagejoe
[1152] iwantmymtv35 and if they are models for dildos
[1152] iwantmymtv35 im not averagejoe i turned gay
[1152] iwantmymtv35 i accepted and realized last night
[1152] iwantmymtv35 penis...

all i can say is...this is some BS i wanted some epass lol


08-04-2006 13:07:19

yea got this one today

[quotec6ee2dcd3f]Iwantmymtv35 (124234 PM) what r u talking about
Iwantmymtv35 (124238 PM) who is this\
FreeGiftReview (124247 PM) fgr_admin
Iwantmymtv35 (124258 PM) whop?
Iwantmymtv35 (124321 PM) who
FreeGiftReview (124336 PM) fgr_admin from fipg
Iwantmymtv35 (124415 PM) i don't KNOW HO U R
FreeGiftReview (124433 PM) you just get this aim
FreeGiftReview (124503 PM) then how did you get his aim
Iwantmymtv35 (124519 PM) I DO NOT KNOW BYE
FreeGiftReview (124530 PM) lol
Iwantmymtv35 (124539 PM) LOL
FreeGiftReview (124542 PM) youll be seeing a lot of paypal chargebacks
Iwantmymtv35 (124556 PM) what is yoyur name
FreeGiftReview (124602 PM) dylan
Iwantmymtv35 (124630 PM) my name is Elizabeth
FreeGiftReview (124646 PM) nice to meet u
Iwantmymtv35 (124656 PM) same here
FreeGiftReview (124703 PM) but someone has been using this aim to scam people on a forum
Iwantmymtv35 (124704 PM) \so do u wanna chat
FreeGiftReview (124714 PM) sure why not
Iwantmymtv35 (124718 PM) ok\
Iwantmymtv35 (124731 PM) so what do u wanna chat about
FreeGiftReview (124745 PM) anything
Iwantmymtv35 (124816 PM) u choose
Iwantmymtv35 (124828 PM) gotta go bye
FreeGiftReview (124833 PM) bye
Iwantmymtv35 signed off at 125632 PM. [/quotec6ee2dcd3f]

i had closed it after first part where was telling average joe he owes me money cause he went red on a trade


08-04-2006 13:37:25

I'm pretty sure he's back on the boards though, you guys should pm him about this....its a little ridiculous....


08-04-2006 16:06:20

crap, i promise that wasn't me. i would never be that rude. freegift i will get that mony to you.aim me


08-04-2006 18:21:10

I was only upset cause she/he didnt want to cam with me (


09-04-2006 01:18:01

[quote28290cfce9="fgr_admin"]I was only upset cause she/he didnt want to cam with me ([/quote28290cfce9] lol ur such a foolio fgr