Averagejoe says to AIM him

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01-04-2006 10:29:41

i was just talking to him and he asked me to post this...

[quotebf09d04125="averagejoe"][1126] iwantmymtv35 FIG will not load for me
[1127] iwantmymtv35 Can you tell everyone I am not scamming them
[1127] iwantmymtv35 FIG is down for me
[1127] iwantmymtv35 and contact me on aim and we can compensate[/quotebf09d04125]


01-04-2006 10:31:57

Thanks. D

Just FYI 7 Threads down http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=36197 ;)


01-04-2006 11:05:11

I got a refund. [bcbba716333]Averagejoe[/bcbba716333] is NOT a scammer


01-04-2006 15:45:57

[quotec545a05c34="cartrenroy"]I got a refund. [bc545a05c34]Averagejoe[/bc545a05c34] is NOT a scammer[/quotec545a05c34]
I got a refund too. He isn't a scammer but certainly isn't reliable anymore...


01-04-2006 17:13:12

He took forever to green for me.

He seems to have some pretty convenient excuses; when it was around my time to trade, his grandma got sick, and now FiPG won't load for him.