Reggaeton [RESOLVED]

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unknown uchiha

30-03-2006 09:42:37

It's been resolved, a misunderstanding and I jumped the gun.


30-03-2006 16:35:24

PM a MOD, they can tell you the date he was last on.


30-03-2006 18:34:26

[quotebf262665b5="unknown uchiha"]Hey, has Reggaeton been around the boards lately? He went green for me on a while back and now I finally requested approval, he went red for me. I'm hoping this is just some misunderstanding.[/quotebf262665b5]

speaking of which, could you respond to my PM's?


30-03-2006 18:47:23

His last visit

Thu Mar 30, 2006 325 pm


30-03-2006 19:43:45

[quote2a7cc2d126="theysayjump"]His last visit

Thu Mar 30, 2006 325 pm[/quote2a7cc2d126]

Yeah and he hasn't responded to PM's since Mar. 28th after I sent him PayPal

unknown uchiha

30-03-2006 19:47:41

I think TSJ meant reaggaeton. Anyways, responded to your PMs Brassai.

As for Reggaeton

Hey, what did reggaeton go red for?

On 03/30/06 user Customer Service wrote
Multiple Accounts.

So damn. Well, he PMed me saying that he would ask Peter about it. Let's hope this works out.


03-04-2006 10:36:56

unknown, u havent responded to my PMs either, wuts goin on?

unknown uchiha

03-04-2006 14:01:49

The last PM you sent me was a while back and I did respond to all of them. Plus, I don't see your ref links in any of the stuff you sent me or in the TM. If you want me to get crackin' on your sites, then at least give me the referral links to sign up for them right?