evoviiigsr is a scammer

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28-03-2006 15:51:25

Ok, apparently this guy scammed a few people. After you go green for him, he tells you that you're not on his list, not even yellow, and then he sends you a photoshopped screenshot.

Here's a thread about the screenshot that he faked

I know at least 2 other people who went green for him and never got their money, and at least 1 other person who was sent a photoshopped screenshot from him also. Now, he tries to ignore all messages from me and the others who went green. I know for a fact that I went green on his referral list because I've confirmed this with freepay support and Jake.

Also, he backs out of deals where he has to pay first when his TR is lower.


28-03-2006 15:55:19

i have been scammed by this guy too.. he says that im not in his referal list and he sends a photoshopped screenshot.. i confirmed that i am in his list when i sent a suport ticket to freepay. i want my 30 bucks!!!


29-03-2006 21:21:08

i traded w/ him the other day, after i saw this thread, i made him go first, and he went green doin toppik, so i did the same back. Smooth as butta.


30-03-2006 14:58:13

Ha! No wonder. He claimed to have signed up under my referal link (and gone green) and told me to contact freepay about because it wasn't showing up on my page. Naturally, they couldn't do anything about it, not to mention that he probably never did sign up!

Yeah, watch out for him.


30-03-2006 15:38:28

damn, i am in a trade with him right now, i am doin his site first, i didnt go green yet so right now i got nuttin to worry about, but if i go green i want my green too!!! lol

but actually i already see him on my refferal list and he has responded to every message i sent him, so this should go by pretty smoothly, i will keep everybody updated


01-04-2006 21:20:33

Just so you all know, so far my trade with him has been awesome. He has gone green for me and I am now doing his site. He went green for me pretty fast too.


01-04-2006 21:57:14

It's very likely that he realized that after scamming a few people, he needs to do a few legitimate trades to cover up his scams.


02-04-2006 17:58:33

its possible, but evo viii gsr is a pretty good guy, he doesn't leave u hangin.


04-04-2006 20:08:06

did he get banned?


05-04-2006 10:42:40

how can you say he doesnt leave anyone hanging? HE HASNT RESPONDED TO ANY OF MY PM'S. its really disapointing how you have to cheat just to get free stuff.. i havent been paid yet and iv been green for weeks already. he hasnt responded to pm's and he cant even comment on this thread.


05-04-2006 15:38:03

well i dont know wuts happenin wit u guys' trades with him, but mine is goin smooth so far, he has responded to all my pm's and we're keepin each other up-to-date on the status and stuff, we also made sure that we're on each other's ref lists, so it should be good

the only reason why its not done by now is cos i havent gone green for his site yet, i may have to do another offer cos stuff went wrong with the one i did, not stuff that should make me not go green, but jus to b sure i might do another, cos u need a confirmation e-mail to request manual right? and i dont have that confirmation e-mail anymore

anyways, i'll continue to keep u guys posted on this trade


06-04-2006 19:03:29

he doesnt respond to any of the emails.. if he is legit, he would try to explain himself right? he should come to this thread and explain evrything. i have freepays confirmation already, stating that i am in his referal list.


07-04-2006 12:58:38

you guys are idiots still discussing it after he's been banned. Obviously he can't defend himself now