Feeling nervous about a9xe6oz. UPDATED: Scammer!

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27-03-2006 19:15:55

Okay, the first trade I did here is worrying me. Did another trade after this one and it went smooth as silk, but this first one...

a9xe6oz PM'd me about trading in response to my trade thread. I signed up on 3/22 and PM'd him for yellow confirmation before continuing. He replied that yes I was yellow and to go ahead and green, which I did. Credit was received the next morning, 3/23, at which time I updated the trade module, then PM'd him and asked for his green in return. He has not even read any of those PM's since I greened for him, they're still sitting in my Outbox. He was very quick to read and reply to all PM's prior to my going green, however.

So today I send a new PM with a different subject, asking if he could please go ahead and green for me. Guess what? He read it! No reply at all though, and the other PM's from our trade thread where I asked for his green are still sitting unread in the Outbox.

He never did confirm the trade in the trade module either, despite my asking him to a couple of times. Should I not have proceeded with my end of the trade until he confirmed? Or does that really gain you anything anyway, I mean he could still scam me whether confirmed or not...

a9xe6oz, if you're reading this, please respond to my PM's so I don't have to report you as a scammer. I greened for you virtually instantly, now please stand up and return the favor. If things came up and you haven't had a chance, then I understand, but you gotta communicate. I know you've been here to the forums and checked PM's, so it looks like you're dodging me.


29-03-2006 08:02:10

Alright, I have to call "scammer."

He's obviously ignoring our trade as well as my PM's. He read the PM I sent separately but didn't respond (probably didn't realize it was me), and he is still not reading my followup trade PM's after though I went green almost instantly. He was sure quick to reply before I greened for him, though.

Immature, disrespectful, and dishonest punks who have no concept of keeping their word really piss me off... mad


04-04-2006 09:53:10

Still no word and he doesn't even read my PM's anymore, since reading and not responding to my call-out PM.

Can I get a ban or something?


11-04-2006 19:32:09

pm a mod...


11-04-2006 19:39:13

Well... as of tonight I am a mod, so I guess I should PM myself. D


12-04-2006 03:49:10