I've been scammed by Mistann

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25-03-2006 06:56:01

I went green for him. He yellowed under me, and said he did an offer. But he has not told me what offer he did, why he didn't green. He doesn't respond to his PMs, or AIM messages.


25-03-2006 09:46:49

How long ago did you green and he yellow?


25-03-2006 10:27:56

i went green for him 3/7, and i believe he yellowed on 3/13. And yet not green from him.


25-03-2006 10:33:50

i tried to get a word outta him by pretending to be somenone else on another one of my aim sns.

DatBoi OK wassup
IThinkUrReelyHot whos this
DatBoi OK you messaged me earlier 2 day
IThinkUrReelyHot oh yeah
DatBoi OK who is this?
IThinkUrReelyHot ur the dooshbag who scammed me
IThinkUrReelyHot im just using another sn to find out if u will respond
IThinkUrReelyHot and u did
DatBoi OK signed off at 123250 PM.

Im "i thinkurreelyhot".


25-03-2006 10:45:03

haha, that was hilarious


25-03-2006 12:48:09

any ideas on what i should do about this dooshbag. If i request that my 360s account be put on hold, the site i did for him. (since im not pursuing it ). will he lose his green.


25-03-2006 13:42:12

Yes, he will lose his green, but if you're doing a freepay site then all your accounts will be placed on hold.


25-03-2006 14:12:09

then scratch that, cuz im workin on some freepay stuff, and i def don't wanna lose that. Even though this guy deserves to burn in hell.


25-03-2006 14:32:32

you could tell Freepay and send me the his referral link and email and tell them that you have been scammed by him. Maybe even show them proof or soemthing if u have them


26-03-2006 00:16:29

wait lemme see if i got that right. U want me to send u his referral link and see if u can get freepay to own him.

Link Pmd


26-03-2006 05:12:58

no no
i mean u send a support ticket to Freepay and give them the dudes link and tell them that u got scammed by him.

my last post was a typo, sorry


26-03-2006 08:38:22

alright coo.


28-03-2006 15:42:16

Let us know if you are sucessfull in getting him placed on hold.


17-04-2006 21:44:17

almost 3 weeks later, and mistann is still a scammer. Someone ban that fool.


17-04-2006 21:59:33

He PM'ed me today after you mentioned in my trade thread that he's a scammer

[quote8817e39873="mistatnn"]hey wassup. i just wanted to pm you cause amir89630 responded in the thread saying i was scammer. he's doing this because we had a trade and his tr was lower than mine so he did my site first so when it was my turn to do my part he already got all his referrals for that particular site and wanted me to do a different site but I already completed that site so i couldnt. He then got mad and shit and basically tried to accuse me of scamming him when the deal was for his site that I could still do.

I hope his comments dont mess nothing up. thanks for listening[/quote8817e39873]

I told him

[quote8817e39873="theysayjump"]If that's the case, then you owe him some form of compensation for the green that he gave you. I just got paid $30 for a 3604Free ref so it looks like that's how much you owe him.

Also, he says you yellowed for him, never did an offer and waited until you had your green and then ignored him. True?


He's read it but not replied so you may indeed be correct.


17-04-2006 22:14:58

just wanted to clear things up is mistann and mistatnn the same person?


17-04-2006 23:01:16



18-04-2006 12:07:24

yup thats all true. But it was still about 2 weeks after I had given his green that my YFVI never greened. And even after I told him that I didn't need his green and tried to negociate w/ him he still left me hangin on the PMs and IMs.


19-04-2006 19:51:10

well.... what happened to mistann. Is he tryin any more stuff.


19-04-2006 20:11:44

I banned him yesterday after confronting him about your trade. He never replied to me, made a new name to bid on my trade thread so he's gone.


19-04-2006 20:44:51

Thanks TSJ.

+karma when my 6 hrs is up.