Zolar scammed me

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23-03-2006 17:50:45

I greened for him a month and a half ago and he said that his friend completed an offer for me promptly...4 weeks later. Haven't heard back from him since, and I think hes left the forum. But in case he comes back, dont trade with that dude.


23-03-2006 18:27:27

Yeah a few people have contacted me about Zolar and he hasn't even visited the forum for about 3 weeks now.

I'm afraid it looks like he's gone for good, so if you greened for him, try tog et your green removed from his site (unless it's a Freepay site who won't do this) or if you paid him through Paypal, then try to file a complaint.


24-03-2006 08:03:35

oh boy, oh boy. when i saw my name on the scammers forums, it doenst feel good.

in any case, rest assured - you'll get your greeen.


24-03-2006 08:39:29

YEAH, me too! seriously dude, you need to stop hiding from us and feeding us bullshit and DO IT! its not that hard....over a month for both of us and the one time i get a hold of you you say youre too busy, and that you'll do it the next day. THAT WAS A WEEK AGO.


24-03-2006 10:43:35

Hmm, should he get the -1 until he finishes everyone up TSJ?


24-03-2006 11:08:40

umm. no - that would discourage me adn i might just quite midway.. you dont want that do you?


24-03-2006 11:09:24

besides, workin' on somethinggarlic's issue now. he's the last one (outta 3)


24-03-2006 12:18:26

Maybe if you hadn't disappeared for 9 weeks without a trace some people may feel assured.

Issuing threats (don't drop my TR or I'm gone) won't get you anywhere. The fact that you came back is good, but you can't expect there to be no repercussions.

I'm dropping your TR to -1 but as long as you take care of everyone you were supposed to, then there won't be any problems.

Will there? D


24-03-2006 21:17:54

Zolar is making an attempt to rectify the situation. However, its coming a tad late. I already made and completed new trades and I am currently requesting approval. But you never know how these new sites (theFreeProject) credit refs.


28-03-2006 20:33:27

Zolar has finally gone green for me yesterday, but hasnt offered any compensation but a somewhat lousy apology.


29-03-2006 15:53:51

He went halfcredit for me. Not a full green of course, but he says that its the 2nd offer his friend completed. I dont know man, 2 of my refs got bumped back to half credit so now I need his green. I dont wanna make some guy do three offers though.


09-04-2006 12:43:16

I went green for him over a month ago and still no response from him. He even ignored me on aim a couple times.


17-04-2006 20:33:08

Did Zolar ditch this site? When's the last time he was on?


17-04-2006 20:59:30

I think Mid March. I'm guessing he probably went to A4Free or made a new account here. D I was beginning to trust him again, too. Shoot.