Averagejoe1039-can you please respond to my pm?

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22-03-2006 06:11:04

Just hoping to get the trade finished......

Oh, I am NOT calling anyone a scammer.....just wanting a response. Figured if my pms were not being read for some reason, he may see this post and respond.


22-03-2006 13:39:12

Sorry, I totally forgot about our trade. Signing up now!


22-03-2006 21:52:46



23-03-2006 17:31:32

You still have not signed up. Can you please let me know if you will still be doing so? Thanks.


25-03-2006 14:54:32

Joe, why aren't you responding to my PMs?


25-03-2006 15:47:36

Well, it looks like I got scammed, perhaps? I will be contacting the company I signed up for and let them know. I just do not know what else to do. He wanted me to do an instant green....insisted on it actually, and now nothing from him. I know he has had plenty of time to fool around on these forums...more time than it takes to register and complete one offer.


25-03-2006 16:00:15

For the record, averagejoe has a history of following through on his commitments. He may not always be uphold his end of a deal quickly and he may not communicate frequently, but he hasn't scammed in the past.

I can't stop anyone from doing whatever they plan to do, but I think it should be said that you can reasonably expect him to come through for you. No matter what happens, I would encourage you to leave feedback that reflects your experience trading with him--and always check a user's feedback rating (not just his TR) before committing to a trade.


25-03-2006 16:04:01

I did look through his feedback ratings. But, when he makes a promise (esp on a public forum) to do something I do expect it to be done. I quickly did my end as he was in a great hurry to get my green by the end of the day. I did have an issue with getting an offer to work, but I emailed him about it several times to keep him updated. I am figuring he was in a great hurry because maybe I was the last green for him?? Not sure though. He said he was busy with school exams, but he was still browsing the forum and making various posts. Why no time to do an offer? I thought my green is just as wanted as his was. Or, is mine less important because my feedback is low on this forum?


25-03-2006 16:18:35

yah, exactly what ummchacha said... if ignoring PMs isn't unethical, then I don't what is. He's been procrastinating saying "I will" for my brother for about 4, thats right 4, months and still nothing. It's ridiculous, and this needs to stop! He needs to fulfill his end for people once and for all.


25-03-2006 16:34:26

ummchacha Your green is every bit as important as his is, regardless of your feedback level. I'm just trying to give a little perspective and make you aware of your options.

OCRocks Four months is a long time. Please PM me with more details.


25-03-2006 16:56:05

I am aware of my options..very aware of them. I may be a bit of a noob on this forum, but am not a noob to the trading scene. I feel that if I am asked to go green asap, then the same courtesy should be extended to me. If my green was his last one, then waiting will only give him more time to collect his freebie and run. Sorry, but I have been scammed on this forum by several high feedback traders, and am really not wanting this to happen again.


25-03-2006 16:58:20

Oh, and I DO fully understand when personal life issues take over a trade. Just use the many communication tools that are available to keep in touch and not let people start to believe they are being scammed.