did i get scam? = (

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21-03-2006 00:18:18

has anyone heard of esolutions media.net? i signed up for freedesignerbags.com a few weeks ago when i first started. i did all the offers (8 of them!) and referred one person to do the same... but then two won't go green. they told me to do more offers..

they said they won't do manual credit anymore b/c there were people cheating! so, i did two more offers. now one of them still has not turn green.

i'm getting worried b/c i dont want to do ANOTHER offer.. what if it doesnt turn green? what am i suppose to do when they wont take any proof etc? don't i have any rights at all? am i being scam? b/c can't they just keep telling me to do more offers and not get greens??


21-03-2006 06:57:40

report them to the bbb and tell them u will do so. if you have proof that you did the offers and someone finds out they got paid for those offers...anyway, tell them you did 3 extra offers and that should be enough. if not you will file with the bbb