PhayenK = scammer

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16-03-2006 00:18:05

dont trade with him... i already requested to have my green retracted


16-03-2006 06:33:55



16-03-2006 08:33:10

i greened for him 2 months ago... and after a bunch of lying and deceit, i eventually ordered my ipod on the site he was gonna green me on, so i asked him if he could do my other site (even though i already figured he was scamming me at this point) and he made up some story about how someone with his same IP address had already signed up under me so he couldnt...

so then he gave me a specific day he would sign up on my other site, promising (it was like 3 weeks ago) he would green no later than a certain point, but i havent even gotten a yellow.

basically the guy was a good trader for his first 8 trades, traded with a bunch of newbies he knew would go first, and stopped doing any more sites even though people greened him.


17-03-2006 14:59:36

Response from freepay

Your account was placed on hold as you requested. We are sorry that you had a negative experience with your referer. Thank you



21-03-2006 13:35:10

thers already a whole thread on what a shitty person phayenK is. But yes i concur. PhayenK is POS he scammed me, and doesn't respond to PMs, ban dat foo.


21-03-2006 15:05:32

I tried telling a moderator that PhayenK was a scammer but he didn't believe me. This moderator might be the dumbest person I have ever talked to. The name of this moron = KeithA


21-03-2006 15:11:51

[quoteb02e45966c="mutiger08"]I tried telling a moderator that PhayenK was a scammer but he didn't believe me. This moderator might be the dumbest person I have ever talked to. The name of this moron = KeithA[/quoteb02e45966c]Yeah, calling a mod a moron = stupid...


21-03-2006 15:18:58

How So? Answer that one.


21-03-2006 15:38:12

PhayenK is banned.

In hindsight, it appears that he was indeed scamming people. But that much was not evident from mutiger08's vague description of his early, then-isolated incident with PhayenK.

At this point, I would suggest that anyone involved in a trade with him do whatever possible to recover money owed, or to have his accounts placed on hold. I (or other mods, if you'd prefer) are happy to facilitate this.

We take allegations of scamming seriously, but we also need to fully understand each situation. If every appeal for a ban were granted, there would be far fewer legitimate users here to trade with you.

A little patience and clear communication (with other traders and with mods) go a long way.

For the curious, here is the full text of my conversation with mutiger08

[quote1f30b7efd5="mutiger08"]I am letting you know that I did give PhayenK the correct link to use for me, but he never signed up and said that he did. Is there anything you can do about this scammer?[/quote1f30b7efd5]

[quote1f30b7efd5="KeithA"]Did you go black for him after posting in the Scammers section?[/quote1f30b7efd5]

[quote1f30b7efd5="mutiger08"]Yeah, but I still lost money on the deal.[/quote1f30b7efd5]

[quote1f30b7efd5="KeithA"]By doing the offer?[/quote1f30b7efd5]


[quote1f30b7efd5="KeithA"]Since you removed your ref from his site, you basically forfeited any other form of compensation. He has a pretty good record here, and, with a bit more patience, he might have gone green.

I know the whole trade sucks, but he technically doesn't owe you anything at this point.[/quote1f30b7efd5]

[quote1f30b7efd5="mutiger08"]Once again, he didn't even sign up for a site. That means he did not sign up for a site and he said he did. How is one suppost to get credit when one does not sign up for a site. If he did sign up for my site, I wouldn't have posted anything bad about him. I would have waited the 15 days, IF and I mean if he did sign up for my site. I gave him over 2 weeks before I went black for him to sign up for my site. Guess what... He never did.[/quote1f30b7efd5]

[quote1f30b7efd5="KeithA"]There are occasionally problems with Freepay's (and other sites') referral identification system. Which means that, potentially, he may have used your link but not received credit for it under Freepay's system.

I understand why you did what you did--I know this whole thing hasn't gone well for you. But now that you've gone black for him, he doesn't owe you anything.[/quote1f30b7efd5]

[quote1f30b7efd5="mutiger08"]Bruce Jacobs devoted his life to the Dingo, ensuring that pure Dingoes survive the threat of extinction in the wild from hybridisation with domestic dogs - the Dingo was his wonderful obsession.

Bruce established a sanctuary for dingoes at Castlemaine Victoria where the Dingoes lived in family groups as they would in the wild, but unlike wild dogs they were dependent on Bruce for their feed and veterinary assistance. It was a 'one man operation' with Bruce feeding, cleaning, treating loving and living with his dogs. He knew every one by name.

Bruce was as obsessed with the Dingo, its history and its identification as a species as any scientist, and readily made his dogs available to scientists and shared his knowledge with researchers world-wide who are researching the development of the dog.

Bruce's dogs roamed in a natural Australian bush setting, living
in small family groups much as they would in the wild, but with the advantage of sharing Bruce's fireplace on cold nights if they wished!

There was a little bit of magic late afternoon when the Dingoes threw back their heads and howled.

The ability to keep dingoes in many areas of Australia, the scientific interest in its origins, the public recognition of this unique canine owe much to Bruce's life' work and passion.

Sadly, Bruce's obsession with his Dingoes and their issues meant he paid little attention to financial matters or his own health and well-being. His death was untimely at age approximately 63 years and his finances were in tatters. He died a bankrupt.

Did he die of a broken heart as saw the impending seizure of his asserts and the risk to his Dingoes?

He willed the Dingo Farm to a friend he no doubt thought would be able to find a way to keep his beloved Dingoes safe but shortly after his death the bankruptcy trustee seized the estate and is selling the property, dingoes and personal belongings to recover monies owed.

Bruce and his Dingoes had many friends and it is hoped that someone will purchase the property and keep the Dingoes and Bruce's dreams alive.

I hope this taught you a valuable lesson. If you don't quit understand, it means you are a moron.



[quote1f30b7efd5="KeithA"]I'm sorry you feel that way. But, as I've said several times, you basically negated any opportunity for me to do anything else on your behalf when you had your credit stripped from PhayenK's account.

If you want to be taken seriously next time something goes wrong

PM a moderator with a detailed explanation of your situation.
Don't take matters into your own hands before you fully understand your options.
If you open a thread in the Scammers section, give it a clear Subject and don't joke around.
Don't make petty/childish comments or otherwise insult the moderators.

I don't know what else you'd like me to do about this, so I suggest you move on.[/quote1f30b7efd5]

[quote1f30b7efd5="mutiger08"]Why not insult the "moderators" what are you going to do about it. Secondly don't tell me how to write my subjects, it got you to read it, didn't it. If you want to be taken seriously next time, don't write stupid things. Why not take matters into my own hands, i know what I'm doing, do you? Mr. Modest "Moderator."

Also, mutiger08, you can read the answers to your most recent question when you return from your 3-day temp-ban.


21-03-2006 15:56:04

mutiger08 is officially an idiot. Keith is nice as shit....

Man some n00bs have a stick up their ass.


22-03-2006 22:29:02

I agree with ghondi, what mut did was completely disrepectful, and it makes it harder for people like me to be respected here. I applaud KeithA's handling of the situation, and not stooping down to the level of mut.

KeithA has more than helpful - as has any mod here- in users need for answers.

Keith I have a question, I was in a trade with PhayneK, and I was one of the people screwed, what is my next step? Also the other user I PM'ed you about has yet to sign up for an offer, and time is ticking down, I think he's screwing me over too. If you could get back to via PM or here it would be a great help. Thanks


23-03-2006 05:44:11

[quotecfc0ec064b="n4t1v3"]Keith I have a question, I was in a trade with PhayneK, and I was one of the people screwed, what is my next step?[/quotecfc0ec064b]

It depends on your situation. If you greened for him on a Trainn site, open a support ticket requesting that your referral be removed because the user frauded you into doing an offer. This will work on some other networks as well, but typically will not work on a Freepay site.

If you paid him via PayPal, file a dispute.

If neither of those two options will work, I'm afraid there's not much you can do.

[quotecfc0ec064b="n4t1v3"]Also the other user I PM'ed you about has yet to sign up for an offer, and time is ticking down, I think he's screwing me over too. If you could get back to via PM or here it would be a great help. Thanks[/quotecfc0ec064b]

I will update you about this via PM later today.