Scammed by HumanMan

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15-03-2006 10:32:14

I initiated a trade with "HumanMan" and have given him credit, but haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. I've PMed him three times asking for his status, and have gotten no response. I know he's read the messages and I know that he posts on the forum pretty frequently. There's also another thread that has identified him as a scammer. Please let me know what I can do and if you can either give him negative feedback or ban him from the site.


15-03-2006 10:50:44

PM a mod.

If you're 100% sure he's a scammer, expose his info such as user ID, email and AIM screenname. Contact the site owner or rep. They might ban him.


15-03-2006 10:54:11

I've already PMed a moderator and was told to post on this forum. I don't have any information about the guy besides what's listed on his profile. Thanks for your help though.


15-03-2006 10:59:21

grab his ref link out of the trade qick befour he takes it out.


15-03-2006 12:38:07

What do I do after i get his ref link?


15-03-2006 15:37:13

His ID number is contained in the ref link. You need his ID # when you report him to the site owner/rep.


15-03-2006 15:41:38

Oh okay. I have the ID number. How do I report him? Thanks for all your help, by the way.


15-03-2006 17:44:51

Well my computer is broken. I can only do stuff on other computers so if you want a red I will be more than happy to give it to you. Your choice.


15-03-2006 17:49:09

I would have appreciated it if you'd told me sooner/responded to my messages. Since you can't complete the trade, how about paying me $25 for going green for you? Let me know what sounds reasonable. Thanks.

16-03-2006 21:09:38

Hey HumanMan I also went green for you a few weeks ago. Tell me also what you will do for me If you can't finish on my link.


18-03-2006 11:38:11



18-03-2006 12:18:04

Might want a mod to PM him to make sure he's still here and then they can do whatever is required. Sometimes they need reminders. D


18-03-2006 12:35:44

I PM'ed him, threatening him with TR droppage if he doesn't reply to any of his trades or this thread, but reads my PM or posts on the forum.


18-03-2006 12:36:56

Thanks a bunch!

24-03-2006 15:58:52

Any new news because I still have not recieved my green or anything for going green for him.


24-03-2006 16:07:57

Same here....


26-03-2006 14:37:08

Well I also got scammed by him I guess. I hadn't seen this post yet and he sent me a trade request on the 17th. I went green for him after 3 days and he was talking to me up untill I went green. I have not heard back from him in about a week now.


27-03-2006 19:45:50

can one of the admins give me his email address? I want to check this person out on google and other places.. see what I can find.

29-03-2006 06:17:12

I'm still waiting for news on HumanMan. This is really grimmy of him to be doing this.

02-04-2006 15:09:03

This bitch needs to be delt wit.


09-04-2006 08:53:13

[quote5aacaea2fb="kangol1223"]can one of the admins give me his email address? I want to check this person out on google and other places.. see what I can find.[/quote5aacaea2fb]


26-04-2006 14:36:41

So this guy is definitely a scammer. I hope he's been banned or otherwise punished.


28-04-2006 13:22:13

I think I got burned by this guy. Can someone verify what his AIM address was? Stupid me, I cannot find it anywhere and I am pissed. I got him a green.