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15-03-2006 07:43:48

Okay...check this conversation I had with townnut..its pretty long but somewhat humorous..anyways, this is what happened... I put the link in the module, he clicks it and joins and ask if i see him.. I say no because he wasn't on my account.. then he starts bitching and sayign how i was trying to scam him. here are some recent communications i've had with him..just leaves me scratching my head...

[quote8ac4859019]TownNuts (95117 PM) oh hey dude whats up
webwiz71 (95121 PM) yo
TownNuts (95124 PM) i forgot whic site did i have toi compleet for u to do mien ?
webwiz71 (95133 PM) it is in the trade module
webwiz71 (95136 PM) on freeipodguide.com
TownNuts (95138 PM) i ythink i signed up for ti but thats all, i just didn't compleet an offer yet
webwiz71 (95149 PM) you need to resignup
TownNuts (95150 PM) oh okay i gotta go look so we can both get credit okay
webwiz71 (95154 PM) and turn cookies off
TownNuts (95155 PM) resignup ?
webwiz71 (95159 PM) yea b/c you didn't show up
webwiz71 (95200 PM) remember
TownNuts (95202 PM) my cookies always work properly
TownNuts (95204 PM) trust me
TownNuts (95208 PM) oh shjit rihgt
webwiz71 (95213 PM) well you just need to use a different email address
TownNuts (95214 PM) oh wait i think i ddi an offer wait one sec
webwiz71 (95215 PM) thats all
TownNuts (95216 PM) i have to check again
TownNuts (95234 PM) okay give me 3 sec please
TownNuts (95346 PM) whats ur nick on that site
TownNuts (95359 PM) email etc u know what i mean
TownNuts (95417 PM) oh its wiltrade thing
TownNuts (95512 PM) hey whas up dude
TownNuts (95525 PM) okay i just check my records i am deff signed up for ur site
TownNuts (95527 PM) without a doubt
webwiz71 (95530 PM) no you definately do need to resignup b/c you are not on my nanos site
TownNuts (95532 PM) now all i have to do is compleet an offer
TownNuts (95544 PM) i just check if i can sign in again
TownNuts (95546 PM) it all worked
TownNuts (95547 PM) dude
webwiz71 (95555 PM) but you aren't on my account
TownNuts (95555 PM) then i don't know whats wrong wiht ur status window
webwiz71 (95603 PM) no sometimes it doesn't work
TownNuts (95606 PM) well i did sign up under ur refferal thing
webwiz71 (95610 PM) it happened to my friend the other day
webwiz71 (95612 PM) all you have to do
TownNuts (95614 PM) without a doubt i just clikc the links again form ru site
webwiz71 (95615 PM) is use a 2nd email address
TownNuts (95626 PM) i don't have one
webwiz71 (95631 PM) yes sometimes it messes up, my friend was having trouble with it on ipods the other day
webwiz71 (95638 PM) you can create one with yahoo or hotmail real easy
TownNuts (95642 PM) i only use this email for this stuff so nothing gets fucked around wihyt
TownNuts (95647 PM) i know how easy it is
TownNuts (95657 PM) but thats not whats going on, i deff did sign up dud e
TownNuts (95702 PM) ur not understanding that concept.
webwiz71 (95708 PM) I understand that
webwiz71 (95711 PM) but if you don't show up under me
TownNuts (95713 PM) all ur saying is to resign up. like ur callign me aliar or something
webwiz71 (95717 PM) no
webwiz71 (95722 PM) i'm saying i believe you signed up
webwiz71 (95728 PM) but you aren't showing up on my account
webwiz71 (95735 PM) meaning that hte link must not have worked properly
webwiz71 (95738 PM) or your browser
TownNuts (95741 PM) thats very odd. that shouldn't happen
webwiz71 (95745 PM) yes i know
webwiz71 (95746 PM) but it does
webwiz71 (95752 PM) if you dont' see a line that says
webwiz71 (95756 PM) referred by 2203203920
webwiz71 (95759 PM) soemthign like that
webwiz71 (95802 PM) witha bunch of numbers
TownNuts (95802 PM) and what if i compleetd an offewr then and it didn;t show up on ur page thing but i turned green and what not
webwiz71 (95806 PM) then its not working
TownNuts (95810 PM) what woulda happened then
TownNuts (95812 PM) just wondering
webwiz71 (95819 PM) well then it would suck
TownNuts (95826 PM) u woiulda fucked me over i notice
webwiz71 (95832 PM) it would depend if i had entered my link properly or not
TownNuts (95833 PM) right suck for me
webwiz71 (95841 PM) if i entered my link properly it would be your fault
TownNuts (95843 PM) well i am only going by what u send me
webwiz71 (95846 PM) if i entered it not properly
webwiz71 (95851 PM) it would be my fault
TownNuts (95859 PM) i can;t be myu fault i clikced ur link etc. and signed up
TownNuts (95912 PM) no toher links r able to do that no other people os a trade wiht me has this accoutn as a sign up etc
TownNuts (95924 PM) oh but it would be ur fault but i notcie then u would fuck me over
webwiz71 (95929 PM) dude the link is in the window is right
webwiz71 (95931 PM) if you notice
webwiz71 (95936 PM) i haven't updated the trade
TownNuts (95937 PM) i see how ur working , from excusing me at first for not signing up
TownNuts (95943 PM) i know
webwiz71 (95946 PM) DUDE, shit happens with cookies
TownNuts (95948 PM) neither have i
webwiz71 (95951 PM) i'm not accusing you of anything
TownNuts (95953 PM) i wil sue a differnt email alrite
TownNuts (100009 PM) lets see what happened i wont compleet an offer unti u see my nick in ur check status window
webwiz71 (100016 PM) exactly
webwiz71 (100022 PM) that is what happened the last time
webwiz71 (100025 PM) you asked me to check
TownNuts (100028 PM) all i have to say is this is crazy already thats all
webwiz71 (100034 PM) and i said you weren't there
TownNuts (100035 PM) ur id is
TownNuts (100035 PM) 26315543
webwiz71 (100038 PM) because you werent
TownNuts (100039 PM) rite before i continue
TownNuts (100049 PM) well but thats not syaing i didn;t do my job properlyu
TownNuts (100053 PM) thats all i am tryign to say.
webwiz71 (100105 PM) yes
webwiz71 (100108 PM) that is the right id
webwiz71 (100113 PM) make sure it says
webwiz71 (100127 PM) refered by 26315543
webwiz71 (100130 PM) when you are signing up
TownNuts (100135 PM) one sec signiong up
TownNuts (100144 PM) i gave u the number on which refferal i am signing under
TownNuts (100147 PM) u check it and compare
TownNuts (100151 PM) read above dude
webwiz71 (100159 PM) yes you are there
TownNuts (100211 PM) okay tell me what u see alrite
webwiz71 (100218 PM) i see email==townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com=townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com/email
TownNuts (100228 PM) okay awsome so far so good
TownNuts (100234 PM) going to compleet something right now
webwiz71 (100234 PM) that isn't the email you used before?
TownNuts (100244 PM) now ur ogingt o sing up for my macminis right
TownNuts (100247 PM) once i go green
webwiz71 (100251 PM) yes
webwiz71 (100256 PM) i've already signed up
webwiz71 (100259 PM) i just have to do an offer
TownNuts (100507 PM) oh okay no problem
TownNuts (100520 PM) i am just completing an offer, i just need to compleet it alrite
webwiz71 (100526 PM) ok
webwiz71 (100638 PM) yo i'm going to sleep
webwiz71 (100644 PM) i'll talk to you tommorrow
webwiz71 (100651 PM) let me know if you do an offer
webwiz71 (100652 PM) or not
TownNuts (100705 PM) no please wait and do not go to sleep just yet
Auto response from webwiz71 (100705 PM) I am away from my computer right now.

TownNuts (100709 PM) i am doing it right now dud e
TownNuts (100712 PM) its almost dpone
TownNuts (100714 PM) true.com
TownNuts (100715 PM) okay
webwiz71 (100723 PM) ok
TownNuts (100736 PM) one sec please do not go anywhere
TownNuts (100740 PM) just yet. thank you
webwiz71 (100818 PM) dude i'll check it in the morning, if you are green in the mornign then i will do the offer on yours
TownNuts (100832 PM) okay no problem i probably will go green tonite
TownNuts (100838 PM) just oen sec ddue it sonly 1010
TownNuts (100840 PM) its not late
webwiz71 (100852 PM) i know but i have early classes tommorrow
webwiz71 (100914 PM) true.com isn't instant anymore
webwiz71 (100916 PM) btw
TownNuts (100925 PM) same heer dude
TownNuts (100927 PM) i have a 7
TownNuts (100937 PM) sometime it is i had one go green last nite and i did it
TownNuts (100939 PM) no worries
webwiz71 (101010 PM) you did True.com last night and it went green?
TownNuts (101025 PM) the site isn;t letting me continue the sign up
TownNuts (101030 PM) someone did it for me
TownNuts (101033 PM) actually last nite
TownNuts (101041 PM) and it went green that nite
webwiz71 (101043 PM) have you ever done true.com
TownNuts (101045 PM) but its not working for some odd reaosn
webwiz71 (101046 PM) yourself
TownNuts (101049 PM) no
TownNuts (101052 PM) why ?
webwiz71 (101056 PM) cause
webwiz71 (101101 PM) i thought that was what you were saying
TownNuts (101102 PM) no i haven;t
webwiz71 (101105 PM) you can't do it more than once
webwiz71 (101110 PM) they'll take the referral away
TownNuts (101117 PM) i'm doing complete home now
TownNuts (101118 PM) okay
webwiz71 (101127 PM) ok
TownNuts (101852 PM) qall done
TownNuts (101859 PM) i did the 25 Kmart card
TownNuts (101900 PM) alrite
webwiz71 (101905 PM) ok
TownNuts (101906 PM) it should go green sooner then later
TownNuts (101911 PM) No joke on this either okay
TownNuts (101923 PM) i did everything i am suppose to do like always just to let u know that.
webwiz71 (101928 PM) okay
webwiz71 (101934 PM) thats fine
TownNuts (101938 PM) no doubt
TownNuts (101940 PM) were all good now
TownNuts (102118 PM) it didn;t turn green yet right
webwiz71 (102311 PM) i don't know haven't checked
TownNuts (102316 PM) okay
TownNuts (102637 PM) any news or no ?
webwiz71 (102652 PM) dude you can check it just as well as i can
webwiz71 (102655 PM) i haven't checked it
webwiz71 (102703 PM) b/c i don't think that its an instant offer
TownNuts (102719 PM) yeha i know
TownNuts (102722 PM) alrite
TownNuts (102726 PM) well keep on tract of it
TownNuts (102733 PM) i don;t wana have to keep a track on it for u
webwiz71 (102740 PM) dude
TownNuts (102741 PM) now thats ur job
webwiz71 (102746 PM) what the fuck are you talking about
TownNuts (102748 PM) well i am going bye dude
webwiz71 (102753 PM) you can check it just as well as i can
webwiz71 (102757 PM) if you see it green tell me
TownNuts (102800 PM) keeping a track on when ur suppose to do ur part of the deal thats all i am saying
webwiz71 (102807 PM) ok
webwiz71 (102820 PM) well i'm not going to be refreshing my nanos account like every 10 mins
TownNuts (102830 PM) and how u keep a track on when ur suppose to do it is to check ur status window to see when i turn green thats all i am saying
TownNuts (102835 PM) i understand
TownNuts (102837 PM) once a day
TownNuts (102838 PM) etc
TownNuts (102858 PM) i just signed up tonite it probably wont go green until either tomm or the following actually
TownNuts (102906 PM) alrite i gtg bye
TownNuts is away at 102920 PM.
TownNuts returned at 110851 PM.
TownNuts is idle at 20545 AM.
TownNuts signed on at 53046 AM.
TownNuts is no longer idle at 64526 AM.
TownNuts signed off at 65813 AM.
TownNuts signed on at 65822 AM.
TownNuts is idle at 71347 AM.
TownNuts is no longer idle at 93713 AM.
TownNuts (94755 AM) hey whats up ?
TownNuts signed off at 100307 AM.
TownNuts signed on at 100927 AM.
TownNuts (101007 AM) Hey whats up, just wont o inform yuou that i went green on my side, now i was hoping we can complete our trade by u signing up and completing an ofer for me properly thank you. townnut
webwiz71 (101033 AM) dude you aren't green
TownNuts (101039 AM) yes i am
webwiz71 (101041 AM) no you aren't
webwiz71 (101045 AM) i'm looking at my account
TownNuts (101106 AM) yeah on mine oit says i have compleetd an offer no joke
TownNuts (101111 AM) i am not lying to you dufr
webwiz71 (101114 AM) what site
TownNuts (101116 AM) oh wait thats wiht the old one oh shit one sec
TownNuts (101118 AM) my bad
TownNuts (101125 AM) it said i did an offer wiht the old one
webwiz71 (101131 AM) you completed an offer on the old one?
TownNuts (101132 AM) send me a link
TownNuts (101134 AM) to ur site
TownNuts (101139 AM) both of them i have now
webwiz71 (101143 AM) the link is in the friggin module
TownNuts (101150 AM) i told ya u screwed me over bec u said id din;t do it when i did
webwiz71 (101155 AM) you can't do an offer on the same site twice
TownNuts (101210 AM) i know
webwiz71 (101212 AM) i didn't screw you over dude
TownNuts (101215 AM) u madwe me do it wiht a different name
TownNuts (101218 AM) u screwed me over
TownNuts (101223 AM) what haven';t i said to u about this
TownNuts (101224 AM) already
TownNuts (101225 AM) gopd
webwiz71 (101241 AM) yes and you were supposed to do an offer on the 2nd account not the first account that didn't show up?
TownNuts (101259 AM) okay now i am going to have to report you to Admin , and they al;reayd warned me if someone else fucked me ovewr that they would be kicked off the site finaly
webwiz71 (101309 AM) i didn't fuck you
webwiz71 (101315 AM) you never did an offer under my site
webwiz71 (101318 AM) you aren't green
webwiz71 (101319 AM) you are yellow
TownNuts (101320 AM) yes u r bec ur saying i didn;t do somehting when i clearly did
webwiz71 (101323 AM) i can send you a screenshot
TownNuts (101327 AM) it says compleetd on ym side
TownNuts (101328 AM) no joke
TownNuts (101332 AM) i am not lying to you
TownNuts (101348 AM) i am sick and tired of people screwing people over and i had a real long converstation wiht admin and what not about this .
webwiz71 (101349 AM) then you must have did it on the wrong account
webwiz71 (101402 AM) dude how old are you?
TownNuts (101410 AM) and they promisaed me the enxt person who did this would get kicked off and not be able to re sign up again bec they r logging into ur ip adress etc
TownNuts (101416 AM) i didn;'t
webwiz71 (101421 AM) you aren't getting me banend dude
TownNuts (101423 AM) how old am I whats that have anythign to dow ith anything
webwiz71 (101423 AM) i never scammed you
TownNuts (101425 AM) i am old
TownNuts (101441 AM) whats age have yto do with anything with this concept , bec it doesn't
webwiz71 (101449 AM) well it seems like you are 8
webwiz71 (101452 AM) and don't know what youa re doing
TownNuts (101456 AM) really 8 okay sure no problem
webwiz71 (101507 AM) b/c the first time you signed up
webwiz71 (101508 AM) you said
webwiz71 (101511 AM) do you see me
webwiz71 (101513 AM) i said no
webwiz71 (101524 AM) and you started saying i was scamming you then
webwiz71 (101530 AM) i told you right then and htere you weren't under my account
TownNuts (101534 AM) yeah what about the second and the first time it even went green on my side bec i knew i signed up an offer
webwiz71 (101547 AM) i can post a screenshot
TownNuts (101553 AM) and then u stated bec i have an im convertrstation record and what not, that this has happened to u before wiht othe3r poeople
TownNuts (101558 AM) yeah so can i
webwiz71 (101603 AM) 1 other person
webwiz71 (101605 AM) it happened
webwiz71 (101609 AM) but its not my fault
TownNuts (101610 AM) right i know
TownNuts (101612 AM) well now i am 2
webwiz71 (101620 AM) so 2 people have screwy browsers
webwiz71 (101625 AM) the first person had cookies turned off
webwiz71 (101627 AM) and it was his fault
webwiz71 (101630 AM) i don't know what your deal is
TownNuts (101647 AM) it is ur fault , see when u enter into a contract bec that what this is a contract an agreemewnt betwene two people and , my soide shows that i compleetd everything i need to do.
webwiz71 (101658 AM) no it doesn't
TownNuts (101703 AM) bec i am sick of people like ur self fucking over other people that r honest and what not
webwiz71 (101730 AM) dude I am +33 on FreeIpodGuide with no complaints yet, +37 on Anything4Free, +13 on ReferralSwapper
webwiz71 (101750 AM) its not my fault you are an idiot and did the offer on the wrong account
webwiz71 (101755 AM) login to the account you created yesterday
TownNuts (101755 AM) i am really annoied already wiht this . and i spoke wiht the site owners the toher day and they said if anything else happen to contract them and they would kick whoever off , and wouldn;t be able to log bakc in bec they record ip address etc
TownNuts (101807 AM) actually i am not the idiot i did everything properly
webwiz71 (101810 AM) with the email= email=townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com email=townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com/email
TownNuts (101810 AM) i did ur account
TownNuts (101818 AM) ur rfferal id numbver u fucken moron
TownNuts (101822 AM) AND tOWNNUT
TownNuts (101828 AM) TOWNNUT
webwiz71 (101843 AM) on my account it says email==townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com=townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com/email
webwiz71 (101848 AM) i don't see a townnut
webwiz71 (101852 AM) only a townnuts
webwiz71 (101856 AM) which is why you aren't green
TownNuts (101902 AM) yeah thats bec u said i had to re do it , whihc was bulls hit
TownNuts (101911 AM) bec i already did it once and completed an offer as wel.
TownNuts (101923 AM) jsut bec ur stupid machine is fucked up , u can't blame me for it
webwiz71 (101929 AM) its not my machine
webwiz71 (101932 AM) i entered the link correctly
TownNuts (101936 AM) and it is ur fault not the person who compleets everything properly fault its urs
TownNuts (101937 AM) already
webwiz71 (101939 AM) it is either you or your machine
webwiz71 (102001 AM) well go tell an admin and i will tell them what really happened
TownNuts (102006 AM) well i click whatever u gave into that refferal arae link as
webwiz71 (102022 AM) that doesn't mean you had your browser set right
TownNuts (102023 AM) yeah i have every sinle im converstation and i will shwo them a screen shot of everything done
TownNuts (102025 AM) as well
TownNuts (102030 AM) yes i do
TownNuts (102035 AM) my browser is sert properly
webwiz71 (102037 AM) show me a screenshot
TownNuts (102040 AM) don';t dare blame me
webwiz71 (102042 AM) of your account
TownNuts (102055 AM) r now r u going to complete the Townnuts one once that one also turn green or no ?
TownNuts (102113 AM) or is that one going to get fucked over as well. ?
webwiz71 (102131 AM) so did you create an account on ipodnanos.freepay with two email addresses and do two offers? yes or no
TownNuts (102138 AM) no
TownNuts (102140 AM) never mind
webwiz71 (102141 AM) what did you do then
webwiz71 (102150 AM) did you create two accounts
webwiz71 (102152 AM) ?
webwiz71 (102153 AM) yes or no
TownNuts (102159 AM) well orginal yes
webwiz71 (102207 AM) so what was the email of the first account you created
webwiz71 (102230 AM) the one that is showing completed
webwiz71 (102234 AM) look in the upper left hand corner
TownNuts (102244 AM) but two different addresses tweo didnlt ips address etc
TownNuts (102301 AM) everythgin wAS different
TownNuts (102306 AM) no problem on my end
TownNuts (102319 AM) now r u going to finsih ur end of the deal or no ?
webwiz71 (102320 AM) what does the email
webwiz71 (102322 AM) say
TownNuts (102325 AM) its a really simple answer yes or no
webwiz71 (102330 AM) it is a really simple answer
webwiz71 (102335 AM) what email is the account under
webwiz71 (102339 AM) that is showing you compelted
webwiz71 (102340 AM) the offer
TownNuts (102342 AM) right now email==Townnuts@gmail.comTownnuts@gmail.com=Townnuts@gmail.comTownnuts@gmail.com/email
TownNuts (102350 AM) oh that its compleet under
TownNuts (102352 AM) Townnut
webwiz71 (102400 AM) well see that was the account that didn't show up for me
TownNuts (102400 AM) brb
webwiz71 (102408 AM) and i did not change my referral link
webwiz71 (102410 AM) in the window
TownNuts (102410 AM) thats really wrid and thats whats pissing me off now
TownNuts (102415 AM) how do i know
TownNuts (102416 AM) i don't
webwiz71 (102420 AM) it says when you updated
TownNuts (102422 AM) and i wouldn;t
TownNuts (102428 AM) it only shows on ur side not mine
webwiz71 (102429 AM) i haven't updated it
webwiz71 (102439 AM) i can give you a screenshot
webwiz71 (102441 AM) you can ask them
TownNuts (102444 AM) anyways but i did it again to be a nice guy , and now u se email==Townnuts@gamil.comTownnuts@gamil.com=Townnuts@gamil.comTownnuts@gamil.com/email
TownNuts (102446 AM) correct ?>
TownNuts (102453 AM) and its yellow even right now
TownNuts (102455 AM) rite
webwiz71 (102456 AM) yes
webwiz71 (102459 AM) it is
TownNuts (102501 AM) i not sure if that account went green yet
TownNuts (102503 AM) okay
webwiz71 (102509 AM) but dude
webwiz71 (102518 AM) you can't make two accounts and do offers on both of them
webwiz71 (102521 AM) thats against the rules
TownNuts (102523 AM) so i said i amg oing towait for that one to change to green so r u going to complete ur end of the deal yes or no ?
TownNuts (102534 AM) well then i have it green on Townnut @gmail.com
webwiz71 (102538 AM) you can get put on hold for that
TownNuts (102542 AM) and i use diffeernt ip[ address as well as a different home
webwiz71 (102543 AM) but that doesn't help me
TownNuts (102547 AM) so no i didn;t go against ethe rule s
TownNuts (102555 AM) i understand the ruels real wqell
TownNuts (102559 AM) i see ur going to fuck me over
webwiz71 (102601 AM) no you don't
TownNuts (102602 AM) i see it already
TownNuts (102608 AM) yes i do
webwiz71 (102609 AM) dude i'm tired of talking to you
TownNuts (102615 AM) i use two differnt people names address ips
TownNuts (102617 AM) eeverything
TownNuts (102636 AM) so ur tired of talking to me so more or less ur going to not do ur end of the deal is what ur saying
TownNuts (102647 AM) just say ys or no
TownNuts (102650 AM) thats all i wana know
TownNuts (102705 AM) alrite i atke this no answeriung as a No.
TownNuts (102707 AM) alrite dude
TownNuts (102710 AM) tyhank you veyr much
TownNuts (102935 AM) so r u going to finsih ur edn fo the deal ye sor no i would answer this statement
TownNuts (102955 AM) and irnoring it now is onyl going to cause more problems
webwiz71 (103057 AM) dude you aren't very intelligent are you?
webwiz71 (103107 AM) b/c i just read our entire conversation
webwiz71 (103111 AM) and that is what i concluded
webwiz71 (103117 AM) because i explained this to you several times.
webwiz71 (103123 AM) you asked me, as soon as you signed up
webwiz71 (103128 AM) if i saw you
webwiz71 (103129 AM) and i said no
webwiz71 (103135 AM) but yet you did an offer anyways?
TownNuts (103155 AM) really u read our other few dfays go converstation okay
TownNuts (103218 AM) i just asked u this one simple question r u or rn;t you goingt o comlete the trade once the email==Townnuts@gamil.comTownnuts@gamil.com=Townnuts@gamil.comTownnuts@gamil.com/email offer goes through.
TownNuts (103221 AM) its simple yes or no
webwiz71 (103312 AM) did you do an offer on two different ipodnanos.freepay.com accounts?
TownNuts (103319 AM) NO
webwiz71 (103323 AM) then what is green now?
TownNuts (103328 AM) i had a differnt person do it for me
TownNuts (103331 AM) wiht a differen6t name
webwiz71 (103333 AM) and why will you be greening for me eventually
TownNuts (103333 AM) ip address etc
webwiz71 (103344 AM) you said it was email==townnut@gmail.comtownnut@gmail.com=townnut@gmail.comtownnut@gmail.com/email and email==townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com=townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com/email
TownNuts (103349 AM) don;t worry about ti
TownNuts (103359 AM) yes or No r you going to finish the trade on email==townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com=townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com/email
TownNuts (103402 AM) its very easy yes or NO
TownNuts (103405 AM) i wont say it again
webwiz71 (103406 AM) no it isn't
webwiz71 (103414 AM) b/c you said
webwiz71 (103418 AM) you greened
TownNuts (103422 AM) i am two differnt people
webwiz71 (103423 AM) on email==townnut@gmail.comtownnut@gmail.com=townnut@gmail.comtownnut@gmail.com/email
webwiz71 (103428 AM) you are two different people?
TownNuts (103454 AM) i have 2 differnt people i have accoutn as email==twonnuts@ghamil.comtwonnuts@ghamil.com=twonnuts@ghamil.comtwonnuts@ghamil.com/email and my other boy who is a differnt person has the email==twonnut@gamil.comtwonnut@gamil.com=twonnut@gamil.comtwonnut@gamil.com/email and he signed up for it
TownNuts (103501 AM) two different ip address , home adress etc
TownNuts (103503 AM) the thing goes on
TownNuts (103510 AM) i don't need to explain shit to you by the wya
TownNuts (103514 AM) it weas done and properlyu
webwiz71 (103516 AM) yes you do
webwiz71 (103520 AM) and you aren't green
webwiz71 (103527 AM) so it isn't worth worrying about
TownNuts (103531 AM) i understand on Townnuts i mgith nto be but on townnut i deff am
webwiz71 (103535 AM) unless you green on email==townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com=townnuts@gmail.comtownnuts@gmail.com/email
TownNuts (103540 AM) tyes i understand that
TownNuts (103549 AM) r u goignt o continue this trade yes or no on twonnuts??????
webwiz71 (103549 AM) well townnut wasn't signed up properly
TownNuts (103556 AM) trust me it was but whateverr
webwiz71 (103605 AM) well trust, me i haven't changed the link
TownNuts (103605 AM) yes or no about Townnuts???
webwiz71 (103608 AM) and you aren't on my account
webwiz71 (103617 AM) i don't know if i believe you about your friend or not, you don't seem that intelligent
TownNuts (103625 AM) really well i am
webwiz71 (103632 AM) it sounds like something an 8 year old would just make up on the fly
webwiz71 (103634 AM) to get his site done
webwiz71 (103646 AM) even if he went red on the other person
TownNuts (103658 AM) well its not
webwiz71 (103720 AM) dude i'm done talking to you on AIM
TownNuts (103721 AM) foine u want me to act the proper age fine no problem, thats oit
webwiz71 (103729 AM) you are wasting my time
TownNuts (103730 AM) i amd one dealking wiht you. u see what happens now
webwiz71 (103732 AM) and i have schoolwork to do
TownNuts (103736 AM) u watined my time
TownNuts (103742 AM) oh u little kid has school wrok
TownNuts (103744 AM) aww poor baby
webwiz71 (103753 AM) its called a bachelor's degree dumbass
TownNuts (103757 AM) aww
TownNuts (103759 AM) poor baby
TownNuts (103813 AM) i'm all done wiht that as well as compleeting a Doc's degree
TownNuts (103816 AM) u poor baby
webwiz71 (103819 AM) yes
TownNuts (103822 AM) oh i bet u think its so fuck3en hard too right
webwiz71 (103823 AM) i'm sure you have a phd
TownNuts (103833 AM) almost done wiht it
webwiz71 (103836 AM) sure
TownNuts (103837 AM) sorry to tell you that.
webwiz71 (103840 AM) haha
webwiz71 (103844 AM) in what field?
TownNuts (103858 AM) ui wana bet . thats why i bet u come on bet me 100K right now and i will make this a legal Binding agreemtn betwene us as well.
TownNuts (103900 AM) that i do
TownNuts (103903 AM) come on i dare you
webwiz71 (103926 AM) haha you can't make legal binding contracts on AIM you idiot
webwiz71 (103929 AM) okay i bet you 100k
TownNuts (103929 AM) com e on tMr BA dgeree
TownNuts (103933 AM) yes u can
TownNuts (103934 AM) actually
webwiz71 (103936 AM) i bet you 100k
TownNuts (103938 AM) fine
webwiz71 (103941 AM) prove you are a doctor
webwiz71 (103943 AM) or i'm suing you
TownNuts (103948 AM) hahaha
TownNuts (103950 AM) try
TownNuts (104001 AM) i am suing you for breaking the first contreact A. and B i have no problem
TownNuts (104009 AM) okay good bye
webwiz71 (104016 AM) okay well i'm banning you now, contact me through PM
TownNuts (104020 AM) i don'ty have time for you anymore.
TownNuts (104028 AM) oh wow banning me
TownNuts (104034 AM) i don't care
TownNuts (104040 AM) now ur blocked and good bye
TownNuts signed off at 104043 AM. [/quote8ac4859019]


15-03-2006 07:52:23

lol, glad he didnt want to do reward bull for me


15-03-2006 09:27:57

Seems to me he's a gentleman and a scholar.


15-03-2006 10:09:21

I knew he had no idea what he was doing from the first 5 lines of that convo. That's one trade I won't regret not doing.


15-03-2006 10:10:50

With a smooth rap like that I bet he is a Dr. of love.


30-03-2006 23:20:43

Seems like he's a new celebrity in these forums[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=33997]Seems like he's a new celebrity in these forums
Even the admin and moderators think he's a joke[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=34000]Even the admin and moderators think he's a joke
He tries to defend himself...but the evidence is against him[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?p=341316]He tries to defend himself...but the evidence is against him

Just tried to trade with Townnuts. I had someone do the offer for him because they owed me credit from a trade gone wrong. When they had the same problem of their email not showing up, I asked him for a screenshot to prove it didn't work before I went and did the offer myself.

[quote3a61e6a5f8]well i am alittle bit annoyed. i am not to much annoyed bec i have been having problems with people getting me credit wiht this site laterly its really pissing me off, but ur friend didn;t even leave an email adress or a real one. if he fucks up ocne mroe this trade is off completely soryr dude. u shouldn;t also be letting friends do ur side i am bedning the rules a bite mroe then i should be letting. sorry When someone makes a trade wiht you also just to let u know, ur not suppose to have friends do it , its suppose to come form you. now i until it turns green i wont be able to do ur site i hope u understand the rules also. We;; no doubt if u need to speak to me on aim hit me up now ebc i will be on for alittle while more[/quote3a61e6a5f8]

I IM'ed me and he never responded. This wasn't so bad because as all the posts about him show, the less you try to talk to him, the better

This was the last I heard from him
[quote3a61e6a5f8]dude i am not [b3a61e6a5f8]impantaint[/b3a61e6a5f8] ur just bull shiting me and i don't deal wiht liars at all. u didn't sign up i dont';t know how to do a screen shot and i wont deal wiht people l;ike you srry dude, as a newie ur not havign too good of a start.[/quote3a61e6a5f8]

Yeah, I'm such a bad "newie"...and that comes from someone who types like a little kid

EDIT But wait, there's more!
[quote3a61e6a5f8="Townnuts"]Excuse me , u gave me a email address whihc was not on my list. its that simple. ur not suppose to have ur friends sign up, ur suppose to sign up for the offer. i did not make a trade wiht ur friend i made the trade with you. Also u never told me in the beginging that u couldn;t do the trade and u would have to have your friend do it on ur behalf bec if u told me that i wouldn;t have even agree to this trade. u screwed up not me. And i do get plenty of trades i guess u don't bec u have a Zero Tr rating sorry dude.

Now i am done with you bec i don't have time to play small little child games like ur tryign to do. Bye[/quote3a61e6a5f8]

The truth hurts so much. Because I have a 0 TR...that means I'm nothing! cry


31-03-2006 13:44:12

I remember back in the day when I was so confused about freebies that it was really exciting. Now all the excitement I get is from laughing at other newbies.

I miss the good ol' days. (

(Just reminded of how I acted for the first few weeks whilst reading this—though I like to think I caught on as to how the system worked fairly quickly.)


31-03-2006 14:49:54

The system isn't really all that complicated. The problem is people who don't bother to try and figure it out. Like this guy. I didn't read the convo, but the first thing he should do is learn how to type, cuz I can't read half that shit.


31-03-2006 16:53:26

I love how he told one guy he was a lawyer.

Look out, Justice System, you've got real winner on your hands here...

Lawyer, my ass. I doubt seriously that he (a) is over 16, and (b) has an IQ above room temperature.

Simply unbelievable.

mystuff4fre e

31-03-2006 20:19:08

Told me he worked for cnn.. but it was more like this...

I3 wekr 4 cnbn


01-04-2006 08:41:41

[quotec219ada3f9="Nimh"]The system isn't really all that complicated. The problem is people who don't bother to try and figure it out. Like this guy. I didn't read the convo, but the first thing he should do is learn how to type, cuz I can't read half that shit.[/quotec219ada3f9]

I meant I remember when I didn't have a way of keeping track of which offers I did, who I was in a trade with, what offers did what, etc. It was completely hectic and quite nearly driving me insane.


02-04-2006 08:05:34

What I've been wondering is how exactly Townnuts managed to get to a TR of 6! ?


02-04-2006 09:35:55

[quote35e192de04="Fejj316"]What I've been wondering is how exactly Townnuts managed to get to a TR of 6! ?[/quote35e192de04]

I've been wondering why you keep reviving old threads.