i want a laptop just went on hold > do not trade with h

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13-03-2006 18:11:18

i want a laptop just turned red for me on hotstuff

do not trade with this loser

The DAY that I go green for him he immediatly turns red and is on hold

Ugh makes me sick

twice now on this site, once by him and once by Exile


13-03-2006 18:33:55


Where are the good people in the world?


13-03-2006 18:47:29

This is also the guy that runs mystuff4free.com

I have all of his info and just spoke to his Mom on the phone. Who does this kid think he's fooling with?

If you got scammed by him contact me on PMs. As a united front we will get paid back.


13-03-2006 18:48:26

u spoke to his MOOOMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



13-03-2006 18:52:48

hahaha yea it's funny

first time I called I asked for Jason and she went to find him then asked 'whos calling"

Now it's "no one named Jason lives here".

so she/him gave herself away

what a snot nosed little punk. I'll continue calling -)


13-03-2006 19:00:49

I think I should just be allowed to call out scammers and have them banned preemptively. Every person that I have suspicions about ends up scamming people eventually.

Anyway, sucks dude.

codex avellum

13-03-2006 19:08:51

if that number goes to florida, it is flyersman. his name is jason.


13-03-2006 19:09:00

How did you know this scammer runs the site mystuff4free.com?


13-03-2006 19:13:04

he used a mystuff4free email addy (admin@)

I had never heard of mystuff4free

I will continue calling until I get somewhere. His name is indeed Jason and he lives in Cooper City, FL.

His Mom or whatever totally gave it away that I had the right # the first time I called

codex avellum

13-03-2006 19:14:48

yep thats flyersman. he just keeps coming back


13-03-2006 19:21:54

Hmmm. I wonder why he's scamming with mystuff4free's email addy if he's still hoping for more ppl to join his site.


20-03-2006 08:30:55

lol the email he used when he signed up for my site had spaces in it...