pending trade with shamash

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10-03-2006 15:41:08

I had a pending trade with him (he greened, but turned red, so he did another offer for me)

is he banned for good, or is it one of these temp bans for bad language? He has $20 paypal of mine, and I'm wondering if I should just request my money back on paypal?


10-03-2006 16:28:39

Hes perma-banned, and if you can't contact him than yes i would file a dispute with paypal.


10-03-2006 19:15:44

Exactly what JordanE said.


12-03-2006 13:00:02

Wow I dodged a bullet... I almost agreed to a trade with im on ta4f.


12-03-2006 20:53:53

anyone know his AIM? I had it, but don't have it now


29-03-2006 21:46:23

so yeah...Shamash fucked me out of $25 because I've tried contacting him and can't get SHIT