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08-03-2006 11:56:21

sry to put this in this forum but u have not contacted me in a while and ur status on has said waiting for offer approval for days, and it does not take that long to go green on that site, plz contact me so we can solve this

if u dont contact me soon i will have to get my money back


09-03-2006 12:41:48

I was not able to get on the computer for 2 days this week and you post here in the scammers thread. I'm working on it (I PMed you). Fuckin newb.

I'm not here to scam you of a few bucks.


09-03-2006 15:11:43

sry but i just wanted to make sure i got in touch with you, cos its takin so long for u to do the offer, i had a feeling u couldnt get on ur pc or sumtin but i dont give ppl on the internet the benefit of the doubt anymore, been learned my lesson on that

oh and about people scamming for a few bucks, yes there are people like that, look for my earlier post in this thread and u'll see what i mean