Just wondering, has anyone seen compfreak around?

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unknown uchiha

03-03-2006 13:51:14

I'm just waiting for payment on a trade, it's been like four days but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that his internet is effing up right now.


03-03-2006 13:52:54

He's on a 5 day temp-ban, should be back in a day or so.

unknown uchiha

03-03-2006 14:01:42

=( What'd he do?


03-03-2006 14:04:03

He was argueing with a an Admin (not me) and wouldn't let a "situation" go.

unknown uchiha

03-03-2006 14:07:13

Oh okay, thanks for the heads up.


04-03-2006 20:31:48

hey, i'm back, sent you the $$ a few hrs ago