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01-03-2006 21:46:14

tracemhunter....where are you? Please come back and go green for me. I set up with tracemhunter and gone green for him back then, when my TR was lower than his. I went green and 'til now... He hasn't gone green for me yet ( One of my laptops ref for freepay turned grey, so I need ANOTHER one asap!!! I don't want to loose all my greens ( Does anyone know when's the last time he was here? Anybody is in a trade with tracemhunter at the moment?


01-03-2006 22:04:45

last visit - Sun Feb 12, 2006 456 pm


01-03-2006 22:06:54

it's been so long and he hasn't gone green for me yet... what can i do?


01-03-2006 22:12:47

email him, IM him, wait to see if anyone else has heard from him, etc.

When was the trade started, who went green when, etc. Please fill in the holes and I can look into it for you.