Leaving Negative Feedback

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01-03-2006 14:22:46

Is this possible through the current TR module? I've only set trades to requesting tr or trade failed and I don't get the option to leave feedback when I set status to trade failed.


01-03-2006 15:17:24

although we can't do that now, thats a really good idea to implement....


01-03-2006 18:55:52

Yeah it could be like the Ebay trader with Neutral as an option too


01-03-2006 19:57:51

It would also become more like ebay where the HIGH Tr people would refuse to leave TR until it had been left for them

So even if you gave them negative they would always have the option to do likewise.

Dont really see a purpose.

Also like ebay 1 negative to a ZERO TRADER, looks so bad. While one negative to a 400 TR trader means nothing.

Both should be held to the same standards here.

Obviously if you want to leave negative feedback do so. When you request TR.

I think a better option would be to start keeping track of failed trades.

That way if you see a 26TR trader has 100 failed trades you know they tend to be slow or not follow through.


02-03-2006 07:34:54

[quoteccaf8472fe="fgr_admin"]Obviously if you want to leave negative feedback do so. When you request TR.[/quoteccaf8472fe]

The big problem with this though is that it's a double-edged sword. You can only leave feedback, whether it's negative or positive, when requesting TR (thus giving the bad trader the ability to gain tr). So even if they have a negative feedback comment, the bad trader is still gaining something out of it.

I don't necessarily think a failed trade should result in negative tr, but I think there should be something in place that will allow you to leave feedback after a certain period of time, without resulting in a tr shift.


04-03-2006 08:40:10

Agreed -- I just got screwed by a 80+ TR .. He does not care -- I cant hurt him ... (he did pay me back but BS me for way too long -- )


04-03-2006 18:31:36

IMO, this forum desperately needs a mechanism for leaving feedback for that are not completed. a feedback system which is only applicable in completed trades is completely toothless.

fgr, I understand your point, but I disagree. Full disclosure is the best policy period, IMO. If someone has a very high TR but only one negative, then potential traders can weigh that accordingly the aforementioned user has a very good track record with one blemish to consider. Conversely, a noob who is 0 for 1 [i4211fa9977]should[/i4211fa9977] be viewed differently, as he has no otherwise good reputation on which to lean. Naturally, any feedback system is going to be imperfect, but having an option to leave feedback for trades other than those which are successful would be a massive improvement.