Daniel ENde - Scammer? Stupid? Or both?

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01-03-2006 09:37:27

I saved all the AIM convos in case I need to provide them. But for now I'll just give you guys a quick summary of our "trade" thus far.

He tells me I [i88b8987a19]have[/i88b8987a19] to go first even though his TR is 0. Finally he agrees to go first so I set the trade up. Two minutes later, without any notice, he claims to have signed up and completed real rhapsody. I check my account - and I dont even see him as yellow, let alone green. I tell him this and he continues to go on and on about he signed up, blah blah blah. I finally tell him to PM jake which he says he did.

-cut to a week later-

I get an IM from him today saying "yo i greened its time for you to sign up". I again tell him that i dont have a single sign up on my account and that he's mistaken. i inquire about the jake PM and he claims he "deleted jake's respone."

I tell him I'm going to post this ordeal in the Announcement forum. He says he will forward me the credit email from freepay, and two seconds later signs off.

Not sure what to make of all this. Definately a shady character.



01-03-2006 10:25:24

Just be done with him. If he keeps bugging you just keep telling him you can only continue with the trade once you actually have his green.


01-03-2006 10:27:22

Like everyone else, he is obligated to go first since his TR is lower than yours.

If he fails to produce proof that he received credit, update this thread and we'll deal with him accordingly.


01-03-2006 12:56:23

yeah, don't worry about it, you're good


01-03-2006 20:11:08

shweet D