Derrick2004x Scammer

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Mr. ChEkO StIcK

24-02-2006 22:04:09

Hey guys, Derrick2004x has scammed me. I did his offer awhile back and waited and waited and he never did mine.. I talk to him over AIM and he always says he does not have the money he is busy..Which i know he is lieing.. I even set it in the made a trading module also.. But i am just waiting eveyone to be aware of this guy..


25-02-2006 11:56:47

if u did an offer, then report his link as a spam link...tell him you're going to know...clamp down on his balls then strike! Maybe he'll hold up his end of the deal rather than have all his sites be on hold!

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

25-02-2006 13:02:43

ya hopefully he will.. I am mad he said he was going to do my offer 2 weeks ago when he got some money and then a couple of weeks later i try to IM him on AIM and he does not answer me or my emails soo i said forget it..