Who is josh@legosupply.com & us6363@yahoo.com?

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24-02-2006 13:32:14

Anyone know who either of those people are?

I asked TSJ but he said no one registered on the forum with those names, so now I am turning to you guys.

Any help is appreciated!


24-02-2006 15:06:50

Sorry to say but email==us6363@yahoo.comus6363@yahoo.com=us6363@yahoo.comus6363@yahoo.com/email is one of xztiger's "friends" that he said would help him with all his trades. Turns out xztiger was a scammer...there is a thread a few down from here on him. Yea, I was scammed by him too...



24-02-2006 20:24:39

email==Josh@legosupply.comJosh@legosupply.com=Josh@legosupply.comJosh@legosupply.com/email is me, shoot me a PM.