Is Scarface still around?

Live forum:


19-02-2006 21:57:32

scarface use to be a good trade but then he did newvideoipod4free for me. he had higher feedback so i sent him $40 first....well he did bingo, none of the bingos ever credited, so I asked for only $20 of the paypal back, which I think is reasonable considering I offered to give him money for spending on the bingo. I should have all my money back but I am pretty considerate and allowed only $20. I PMed him, no response. I IMed him and he blocked me, so I IMed him on another sn telling him how immature he was being and offering my request, but he blocked me there too.

is anyone still trading with scarface or had any experieces recently with him, or even know anything?


19-02-2006 22:09:54

He's currently offline on the AIM SN I have for him.


19-02-2006 22:54:50

He hasn't been here for months. I have a PM to him still in my Outbox that he's yet to read.