Anyone know where DarkAncient is or has been?

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14-02-2006 13:17:17

Anyways, DarkAncient & I engaged in a trade about a week ago, I've tried emailing him and PM'n him and he hasn't responded to anything. I'm not implying he is a scammer b/c he had to go first for me since my TR is higher.. anyways I looked up his posts and it looks like he used to post on here just about every single day.. but yet he hasn't posted since the 7th... anybody got any ideas or does he have an AIM name that anyone knows (not listed in profile)...I'm kinda waiting on him.. and a few others who I know have done offers to green... its a 15 ref site so to have 14 greens and 1 yellow that you don't know what happened to would really suck which could be the situation in a few days if he hasn't done an offer or if he has and will need to request credit manually... Right now I got 9 greens and I know at least the other 5 have done offers.. don't know about him though..



14-02-2006 13:27:02

Would I be allowed to cancel the trade if I don't hear from him soon? He hasn't done anything in the module except confirm it.. he didn't enter a signup email.. a paypal email... he didn't change from "Waiting/Negotiating" to "gone yellow" or "offer completed"... no progress, no response.. I hope he is alright and everything, but I am in a little bit of a hurry to try to finish this site, (need HDTV...haha)... anyways..i dunno... I don't want to cancel on him and setup another trade with someone else then have him green a few days later and come back and say give me my paypal.. on the other hand I don't want to be held up waiting on finishing a 15 ref site with a $750 TV as the reward on one person b/c he is out of contact... Arrrgggh. The only thing is there is 1 email I believe to be his b/c I don't know who else it could be...some people signup & complete all at once and some signup and then wait to create an could possibly be a signup from someone on A4F if I accidentally deleted our messages and am not remembering correctly... but I don't think I said before.. this is frustrating....Arrrggghh