[Nevermind] - who's email is this? not a scammer

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13-02-2006 10:28:51

Rather than PMing EVERYONE that I have a trade with I was just asking who's friend's e-mail is this. It isn't listed in the trade module by the trader so I don't know whos it is. I just want to make sure I keep track of trades and this person gets credit when/if they go green.


13-02-2006 12:40:01

Why don't you wait until they contact you?


13-02-2006 13:39:14

[quote2831ad74ac="ilanbg"]Why don't you wait until they contact you?[/quote2831ad74ac]
I have a lot of trades with people who used friends to signup under me. Now I don't have many trades up since they've been credited. I guess I'll just PM the people.


13-02-2006 14:00:20

It's not registered to anyone on this forum.


13-02-2006 14:06:04

[quote877a333e10="theysayjump"]It's not registered to anyone on this forum.[/quote877a333e10]
That was my inital feeling. I'll start PMing my trades. [Closed]