ATTN: Everyone who won a bid for a green on my latest thread

Live forum:

unknown uchiha

07-02-2006 18:46:36

I'm sorry that I have yet to sign up for your sites, I was sick on Superbowl Sunday and am still sick. I have a severe fever/head cold (or so my friend says it is) and have been heating up/freezing frequently. I slept through most of today and had to skip school for the second day in a row. Hopefully I'll make a full recovery tonight and get to signing up for your sites tomorrow. Thanks.


07-02-2006 18:55:47

damn....didnt sign up for one of those trades but it sucks getting the flu...everyone at my job got one in the past month except for me P ....although i know how bad it can hope ya get well man....


07-02-2006 19:06:33

well i got no problems with that timeframe with our trade, if ya can get to it this week. just let me know what email ya use when ya signup and that you are still going through with it and its all good )


07-02-2006 19:10:57

hope you get well soon =]


07-02-2006 19:27:32


Just kidding. Godspeed.

unknown uchiha

10-02-2006 09:30:31

UPDATE I have a bad case of pneumonia for going out in the cold and playing tennis while I wasn't 100%. I slept from 7PM last night until this morning, waking up occassionally and freezing up ><. I will start on sites that I have not done yet (so my friend doesn't have to do those) and the ones that my friend needs to do I will get to next week seeing that I make a full recovery. I'm sorry about the delay, the timely manner of my illness getting in the way of these trades is annoying me =(


10-02-2006 10:17:27

Shit man that sucks. (

Are you or your friend doing my site?

Hope you get better soon.

unknown uchiha

10-02-2006 11:58:50

TSJ- I am doing your site. I completed an offer, just waiting for credit.


10-02-2006 14:46:37

Thanks for letting us know. You've yellowed at my site.


10-02-2006 16:11:51

Yeah mine too. D

unknown uchiha

11-02-2006 15:40:36

Ah TSJ I signed up but like my email and the email I used for the offer weren't the same O_O I accidentally typed in my other email >< should this affect it?


11-02-2006 15:54:52

As long as they're legit and valid e-mails you're fine.

I always use a different e-mail to do offers than what I use to sign up for sites. WHich offer did you do?

unknown uchiha

11-02-2006 20:16:53

I did FreeBidding


12-02-2006 10:22:58

I'm still waiting. (


12-02-2006 11:28:54

me too

unknown uchiha

12-02-2006 13:56:10

Ah I'm so sorry about your guys' sites but like I've already done them and have to wait for my friend to do them for you ><


12-02-2006 14:33:10

Can't you just email/IM/call him? It's not like he'll be signing up in school anyway.

unknown uchiha

14-02-2006 11:46:43

Okay everyone I'm in a trade with whom I have yet to signup

I will call my friend today and get him to sign up for your sites and stuff.

I'm still sick, but it's getting better. The only thing I have left is a horrible migraine.

So yeah most likely he'll get to it all tonight =)

I'm extremely sorry about all this, if you'd like to back off on the trade then just let me know; I'll understand.


14-02-2006 12:02:20

I'm still in. )

I suggest aspirin or vodka for you, sir.

unknown uchiha

14-02-2006 14:27:53

Actually I've been on antibiotics. Zithromax or something. Gives me a really bad upset stomach about an hour after taking, have to bear with it every day for the next five days. The upset stomach involes diarrhea without the pooping, followed by a bunch of pain and screaming and tossing and turning and sweating like crazy for half an hour or so.

Ah, the joys of reacting violently to antibiotics =(