This convo is just ridiculous

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30-01-2006 16:24:29

I hate it when people post aim convos, but I am going to be a hypocrite.

Amp54099 (65907 PM) hows that credit card going
Dietsch2k (65918 PM) dude ur a liar
Dietsch2k (65925 PM) u lied to my freaken roomate
Amp54099 (65930 PM) about what
Dietsch2k (65930 PM) why are u telling him im a scammer
Dietsch2k (65932 PM) i did ur site
Amp54099 (65937 PM) no you didnt
Dietsch2k (65941 PM) bullshit
Dietsch2k (65945 PM) shes sitting right here
Dietsch2k (65953 PM) stop lieing man its over with your phony ways
Amp54099 (70006 PM) ha why did you get banned from fipg
Dietsch2k (70014 PM) i didnt?
Amp54099 (70051 PM) yeah you did you dumbass
Amp54099 (70101 PM) so your telling me you got that credit card and activated it
Dietsch2k (70102 PM) liar im going to refuse to talk to you
Amp54099 (70119 PM) ok
Dietsch2k (70119 PM) u scamming bum now go away and stop lying to people
Amp54099 (70133 PM) how would i be trying to scam
Amp54099 (70134 PM) you
Amp54099 (70140 PM) i did your fucking offer
Dietsch2k (70142 PM) u want me to do another offer
Dietsch2k (70153 PM) what i dare u to put ur account on hold u cheating jerk
Amp54099 (70155 PM) no
Dietsch2k (70158 PM) im about to get it soon
Dietsch2k (70210 PM) yeah ill just get another person
Dietsch2k (70218 PM) cause im a tr pimp
Amp54099 (70223 PM) why would they put my account on hold
Amp54099 (70227 PM) you didnt have a tr
Dietsch2k (70229 PM) u told
Amp54099 (70236 PM) i told what
Dietsch2k (70236 PM) my roomate
Dietsch2k (70244 PM) that u were gonna make multiple accounts
Dietsch2k (70253 PM) i think its to late though
Dietsch2k (70259 PM) im about to submit for approval tommorow
Amp54099 (70326 PM) yeah i was going to try to do that on mystuff4free so you my ref would go red
Amp54099 (70333 PM) but she said you got your ipid
Amp54099 (70335 PM) ipod
Amp54099 (70339 PM) so its not too late
Dietsch2k (70409 PM) huh
Dietsch2k (70415 PM) not from that site
Dietsch2k (70420 PM) i need one more green
Dietsch2k (70424 PM) but dude dont be a dick
Dietsch2k (70430 PM) ill go green for you later
Dietsch2k (70441 PM) i havent approved the credit card yet
Amp54099 (70445 PM) oh i believe you
Dietsch2k (70515 PM) ok so ill green you like in a week or two ok
Dietsch2k (70521 PM) just let me get my ipod video first
Amp54099 (70532 PM) no it was like over a month ago
Dietsch2k (70536 PM) no
Dietsch2k (70537 PM) but i mean
Dietsch2k (70548 PM) ill activate that credit card once i get my ipod video
Dietsch2k (70556 PM) so if u go red i will never do ur site
Amp54099 (70609 PM) i dont really care about that
Dietsch2k (70609 PM) u better not go red man i swear
Dietsch2k (70614 PM) ok nvm
Dietsch2k (70622 PM) ill go green for u in idk 2 to 3 weeks
Amp54099 (70649 PM) its been over a month
Amp54099 (70703 PM) and you bothered me to finish my offer right away
Dietsch2k (70714 PM) oh well u will live right?
Dietsch2k (70721 PM) ok good
Dietsch2k (70729 PM) if u do another site for me
Dietsch2k (70735 PM) ill green ur site
Amp54099 (70820 PM) oh what a deal for me i do two sites for you before you do one for me
Dietsch2k (70834 PM) no ill do aonther one for u
Dietsch2k (70835 PM) i promise
Amp54099 (70910 PM) you said if u do another site for me ill green ur site
Dietsch2k (70924 PM) yes
Dietsch2k (70927 PM) and ill do aonther site
Dietsch2k (70930 PM) but u have to go first
Amp54099 (70947 PM) oh ok ill go first when you havent even done one for me
Dietsch2k (70955 PM) dude come on
Dietsch2k (70959 PM) ok ill do 5 of ur sites
Dietsch2k (71001 PM) i know 5 people
Amp54099 (71005 PM) i dont have sites
Dietsch2k (71007 PM) if u will just do one more site for me
Amp54099 (71013 PM) thats nice that you know 5 people
Dietsch2k (71017 PM) yes
Amp54099 (71020 PM) no way
Dietsch2k (71025 PM) i mean ill get all 5 to sign up under u
Dietsch2k (71028 PM) just u must go first
Dietsch2k (71031 PM) thats only fair
Amp54099 (71036 PM) haha
Amp54099 (71122 PM) it would have been fair if you wouldnt have tried to scam me
Amp54099 (71132 PM) well you did scam me
Dietsch2k (71151 PM) so
Dietsch2k (71154 PM) can u do
Dietsch2k (71157 PM)
Dietsch2k (71201 PM) i need that site
Amp54099 (71202 PM) are you serious
Dietsch2k (71206 PM) what do u mean
Dietsch2k (71215 PM) ill get 5 people to do ur site
Dietsch2k (71224 PM) I PROMISE DUDE
Amp54099 (71228 PM) why in the hell would i believe that
Dietsch2k (71240 PM) come on man
Dietsch2k (71248 PM) u could report me to the FBI
Dietsch2k (71331 PM) gotta go talk to u later about trading peace out
Dietsch2k signed off at 71337 PM.


30-01-2006 16:25:57

I'm thinking about creating multiple accounts on 123stuff4free so i go red, think I should?


30-01-2006 16:26:21

Who's the other person?


30-01-2006 16:29:33

I dont know he was banned from fipg; his username was almost the same as his sn


30-01-2006 16:37:56

He was banned for attempted TR inflation and came back under 3-4 absurd pseudonyms, all of which were also banned.


30-01-2006 16:48:21

What an idiot lol


30-01-2006 16:51:02

[quoted29c000502="Aprout"]I'm thinking about creating multiple accounts on 123stuff4free so i go red, think I should?[/quoted29c000502]


30-01-2006 16:58:08

DUde, Do iT HE'LL GivE yOu fIVe ReFs!!!!!!


30-01-2006 18:48:53

yeah the five refs was hard to turn down. roll


30-01-2006 19:18:55

My accounts on hold now...I just told the stuff4free guy that I created multiple accounts and he put it on hold. It feels cool now, but its going to suck if i want to do that site.


30-01-2006 22:28:48

Dietsch2k is a scammer! His referral link, email address and AIM screenname are all under the "scammer's ref link" thread! I got scammed before and created multiple accounts to put my own on hold.


30-01-2006 22:41:49

Me and you both


31-01-2006 04:24:09

Why don't you get [i432e82b4a6]his[/i432e82b4a6] account put on hold?


31-01-2006 06:20:31

How? Tell 123stuffforfree? Why would they care?

mystuff4fre e

31-01-2006 09:28:13

[quote48a5f1370d="Aprout"]I hate it when people post aim convos, but I am going to be a hypocrite.


Dietsch2k (70244 PM) that u were gonna make multiple accounts
Dietsch2k (70253 PM) i think its to late though
Dietsch2k (70259 PM) im about to submit for approval tommorow
Amp54099 (70326 PM) yeah i was going to try to do that on[u48a5f1370d][i48a5f1370d] [b48a5f1370d]mystuff4free[/b48a5f1370d][/i48a5f1370d][/u48a5f1370d] so you my ref would go red
Amp54099 (70333 PM) but she said you got your ipid
Amp54099 (70335 PM) iPod
Amp54099 (70339 PM) so its not too late



Does he mean 123stuff4free or what?


31-01-2006 09:47:34

[quote2452d1eb34="d3athtonic"]How? Tell 123stuffforfree? Why would they care?[/quote2452d1eb34]

Usually they do. You just tell them that the person you signed up under is a SKAMAR! and ask to have you removed as a ref. Link them to this thread, tell them what's going on and usually (Trainn do it) they will remove you from as their referral.

It's better than just creating multiple accounts because if you go on hold on one of their sites, they will put you on hold on all of them. This way, it's only one of their sites you can't do.


02-02-2006 14:39:24

That guy scammed a few people on A4F under the name "smackyou". After being banned, he then proceeded to create a few new account including (but not limited to) ouykcams and lollypop.

If you have been contacted by him to trade please report all referral links to the site admins so the accounts can be placed on hold. He's currently pursuing the site "mystuff4free" so if you get a suspicious trade proposition from a newbie regarding that site don't hesitate to decline or at the very least run a background check on him.

That is all.



02-02-2006 18:51:09

I AIMed 123stuffforfree's owner about this. He WILL NOT take any actions unless it is a violation of123stuffforfree's terms.

Let me just put this scammer's information here

123stuffforfree ID 193
AIM Dietsch2k

Be good & don't get your ass scammed.


02-02-2006 18:59:37

Yeah, I have imed him multiple times (the 123stuff4free owner) and he has said the same thing. So, I guess I'll just stick with leaving dietsch a "your a fuck" instant message every now and then.


02-02-2006 23:15:25

Look at the email this fuck sent to me.
From Matthew Dietsch <>
Sent Thursday, February 2, 2006 921 AM
To aprout

| | | Inbox

wow you went red on, but guess what I ALREADY GOT MY IPOD. Lol dude u looser lol, i just made you loose that green, this is fucking hilarious. Doesnt it suck to be you. You not only got scammed, but u just lost a green, so know u can never do that site. Its a great site, but it must suck for you.

The dumbass has his fucking name on it. Matthew Dietsch is a scammer. There is only one Matthew Dietsch on yahoo people search. Should I post a phone number?


03-02-2006 00:17:31

i'll get the shotgun


03-02-2006 01:56:58

does that site let you view your greens after you redeem them for the ipod? or not like freepay?
cause... he could be bullshiting just to mess with you lol..
post his phone #!!!! he will be recieving alot of collect calls rofl


03-02-2006 10:10:51

There are cleverer ways of messing with scammers if you know their information...


03-02-2006 10:26:23

PM me


03-02-2006 10:39:43

wow....this guy is an idiot!! I hope you can get justice aprout ;)


03-02-2006 23:19:32

Matthew Dietsch

433 N Oak St
Edgerton, OH 43517-9629 (map)
Tel. (419) 298-1310

only one in the US


04-02-2006 08:24:06

If someone calls it post it.


04-02-2006 16:05:16

I think someone has to go there and beat the hell outta him.