Update: IRC Scammers!

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30-01-2006 12:52:45

So earlier I told you about these two guys from a game that I played. I had helped them to get iBooks from IRC's 6 offer site in spite of getting the 'word' out on free sites, since many of them were skeptics. I told you about how both of these fuckers called IRC and said they never received their iBooks even when they had already received them. Well, I got banned from a site a month or so back because the site community did not like me and gave an award for the game to someone else even though this person had not done half the work I had in predicting matches for the game..I predicted like 50 in one season legitimately, he did 19 and won..I lashed out and ended up getting banned. One thing after another and soon I got banned. The whole community basically shunned me and flamed me including these two knuckle heads. Basically after being IP banned, they continued to make fun of me (I checked today on the site from school, there's a whole hate thread against me) and both of them received two iBooks atleast, and I think a third was coming to the other guy. One of these guys, 'ahj' short for 'ahugejohnson' (yea I know, what a self confidence promoting name) kept IM'ing me and saying to not do it to the other guy 'kalele', he had no clue he was also included in the scandal. So he kept getting me to talk and he was doing so so he could post more about me on a site and post the conversation to make me look like a retard apologizing to him. I got his email and information along with kalele according to their address, town, zip, excetera. The worst thing is these two shitheads played it off as if they didn't think I could check the site somehow (good going them). Sooo today he IM'd me. Here's the convo


ahj>whats up?

me>not much, i just wanted to say im sorry for acting like i did to you and kalele, and for pretending to report you to IRC to scare you..i was wrong

ahj>it's ok, i forgive you, we all act like dicks sometimes, you more than others

me>and i just wanted to say that..


ahj>it's alright dude, just let it out, we make mistakes sometimes hehe


me>Lol0rd00d has signed off at 251.

Owned. Let it be known that idiots that scam sites giving us free items will be reported. I have been avenged and IRC said thank you for the information and that they will be looking into it. Better yet, both these retards sold their iBooks on eBay. Good luck fronting 2k/3k!



30-01-2006 13:03:01

IRC tracks the shipments and you have to sign for the iBook. It wouldn't be hard for them to prove it was delivered...


30-01-2006 14:02:44

Airkat said he didn't have to sign for his.


30-01-2006 14:16:21

You can sign something with UPS and FedEx that lets them leave it at the door if its signature required. It still counts as a signature and the package still tracks and shows delivered...


30-01-2006 14:36:28

I didnt have to sign for my laptop from freepay, I dont remember about the ibook.

Actually.. yeah it came fedex, he left it


30-01-2006 14:40:36

yeah fed-ex left mine at the door too no sig required, so i hope these guys get screwed


30-01-2006 14:42:05

wait so they kept calling and asking for another ibook saying theirs never arrived, and IRC just believed them and sent another and another??? Doesnt that sound a little strange, I mean dont you think they would check to see if one, or two even, had already been shipped to that person?


30-01-2006 14:48:21

I have a little box for FedEx, UPS, and DHL Deliveries outside on my porch, it's nice because all they to do for non signature packages is slip them through the box and it gets to the other side (like a doggy door) - For signature required packages I leave a note on the door with the tracking number and they just take the note and put it in the box.


30-01-2006 17:31:48

Yeah I didn't have to sign for my ibook either, hopefully IRC goes after those asshats