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27-01-2006 12:27:11

This guy is posting in the brag section on how fast freepay sent him his nano( http// ) but he can't respond to my PM to pay for the green that helped him get his ipodnano.

codex avellum,

I know it's only been three days since you said you were sending the cash but you can't act like your not around when your bragging about it. I sent you a nice reminder yesterday that you haven't bothered to respond to. Communication from you would be nice, at least give me some excuse why you aren't sending.


27-01-2006 12:30:05

This guy has had so many threads about him in this section that I'd think people would learn from others' mistakes. shrug


27-01-2006 12:32:40

Yeah I was lazy and didn't do a search. Went by his TR count which was fairly high. Can't always go by that I guess. Should start removing TR for moves like this even if he does pay eventually.

codex avellum

27-01-2006 12:39:55

its been 2 days dude, im working out paypal issues ATM.


27-01-2006 12:40:23

Now that you mention it I did the search. There are 6 other people that have had the same issues from this guy. He seems to resolve it when he has to but he definately isn't a very good trader. Should really lose TR when you pull shit like this. Six times people have to post to get their money from the guy. I can see forgetting once but damn.


27-01-2006 12:42:59

[quoted2a3207db3="codex avellum"]its been 2 days dude, im working out paypal issues ATM.[/quoted2a3207db3]

If you didn't ignore me and maybe use some communication I might know this huh. Wish I had seen all the other post on you before making a trade but we'll see if you come through.


27-01-2006 12:43:59

Why don't people learn? Don't deal with this guy unless you like headaches. He's negligent with trades at best


27-01-2006 12:45:37

Yeah funny how he was able to send 3 PMs already but didn't have the time to let me know anything before.

codex avellum

27-01-2006 13:36:26

The paypal has been sent.

please close this thread mods, I dont even understand why it was made. Its only been 2 days but whatever


27-01-2006 20:12:40

Yes you paid but the reason it was made it because your lack of communication. I seen you posting but ignored my PM. Not like it's the first time now that I searched this section so don't act all innocent.

Your right though I shouldn't have had to make a post to get your attention and no one else should either.


27-01-2006 20:20:11

That really is complete BS. You are suppose to contact a moderator b4 making a scammer post.


27-01-2006 20:29:20

It's not a MUST to contact a Mod/Admin about a member before making a scammer thread, but it certainly is preferred. Alot of the time it can be resolved amicably and faster and I would definitely prefer bieng PM'ed about peoples complaints than having to read threads like this, especially where anyone can thread-crap it.

That said, issue resolved, thread locked, sleep tight.