Heads up on jdmturbocivic

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23-01-2006 21:36:01

I traded with him for 2 sites and and he hasn't completed any of mine yet and he's told Darkfire001 that he did his laptops and has been green for days, but he says he doesn't see him listed on his list of refs on the site. Also, I see he has a new post up in the trade section looking for new trades.


23-01-2006 21:42:01

Did you green for him arleady on those 2 sites?


23-01-2006 22:06:50



24-01-2006 05:11:47

He signed up under my referral link first. But did so on TWO EMAIL ADDRESSES, same ip address as well! Completed offer only on one address.

I opened up a support tick. with trainn just to be safe and they said it was ok as long as he doesn't pursue both

Just wanted to mention my current experience.


24-01-2006 06:15:50

hey misdee sorry, i completely overlooked out trade, kinda got overwhelmed with trades, i will take care of it once im out of my class!


24-01-2006 16:24:33

You have "gone yellow" listed in our trade for my freepay nano site, but there are no new email addresses listed in my signups. I've tried refreshing and logging out and logging back in... not sure why you aren't showing up. (


24-01-2006 18:18:00

ok missdee both offer completed! Sorry about that!


24-01-2006 21:02:37

he went green on me real fast


08-02-2006 14:19:17



09-02-2006 00:30:03

don't do anything for that dude seriously he did one of our trades and hasn't done the other one.
---to JD--
my trade and I'll screw you on your freebie


09-02-2006 17:03:17

I requested deletion on my trade with him because he's either not signed up (but claimed he has) or signed up without using my link and thus is no longer able to complete his half of our trade.


10-02-2006 06:12:22

i dont understand why people are bashing me because freepay is taking its sweet time! I too am waiting on quite a few ppl to go green to! It dont mean they are scamming me.


10-02-2006 08:20:19

Our trade was not for freepay it was for one of OC's sites, but it's through and done. I had Trainn remove my credit from you account; so, we're even I don't have credit for your signup and you don't have credit for mine.


10-02-2006 08:59:34

hey jdm, why is it you don't read your mail from me but you still make posts so your obviously on. i'm just wondering what the status of our trade is, once again your my last green and if you actually did sign up for an offer way back when you need to submit for manual credit. thanks


10-02-2006 18:04:26

This doesn't really make him a bad trader but on OC he said u would green by a date or our trade would be canceled. Instead of doing one of the many instant offers, he wanted to do an offer as cheap as possible, and therefore didn't finish his side of the bargain on time. Nothing really happened, and the trade was canceled.


11-02-2006 00:27:19

Had he contacted me back and told me something instead of opening my PM's and blowing them off it would not come to this. I am very patient and I have been very patient with him. But I don't like to be toyed with or lied to. I never setup a trade that I can't complete immediately. He PM'd saying I never went green and I sent him a Screencap of me being green. Then he sent me a screencap of me being green. I'm like dude, hello! i'm your only green on there and he's like "I though you were the email one the bottom" I told how can you think that when I clearly have my email address on the contact part for the trade(Ain't that what it's there for) and it's the same email address i used to do another trade with him.


11-02-2006 11:26:27

ok honestly you can relax now, you proved your point the first time, we dont need to hear you whine. I did an offer and its not my fault it didnt go through. you can belive what you want, and say what you want idc. Its a stupid referal its not that serious.


11-02-2006 15:54:06

jdmturbocivic did an offer for me...it didn't go through

now i have an IPOD!!! My third!

Thankyou jdm!


11-02-2006 18:56:21

thats good news, i still havn't heard from him but sounds like he's a good trader, can't wait for him to go green!


12-02-2006 14:29:28

i dont know if hes a scammer or not, but we had a trade and he didnt respond to my PM's for a week, so i cancelled it. maybe he's just a busy guy.


12-02-2006 14:29:43

[quoteab466c8bbb="jdmturbocivic"]i dont understand why people are bashing me because freepay is taking its sweet time! I too am waiting on quite a few ppl to go green to! It dont mean they are scamming me.[/quoteab466c8bbb]

Well, the problem isn't because Freepay's taking their time... they have a database that automatically links referrers and referees to each other and they explicitly state in the help section of their websites that if someone you referred isn't showing up in your list of referrals once that person signed up there is nothing that they will do to resolve the problem.

I really don't understand how this could have even happened on multiple sites you signed up for unless you're using a poorly designed browser that drops or fucks up variables being passed along in links. But apparently for some people you were able to sign up on their sites and complete a trade just fine so I don't see how a bad browser could be to blame either.

I'm not bashing you, just saying that for some reason the referral info from my link didn't get processed and put into Freepay's database when you signed up for the site and now there's nothing that can be done to correct that.


13-02-2006 07:38:17

Hey jdmturbocivic why aren't you reading my PMs? You did an offer for my TRAINN iPod site and went green, but then went red the next day. Have you contacted TRAINN? Was there a mix up? Why did you go red, and are you going to fix it or should I just cancel our trade?


13-02-2006 14:06:16

jdmturbocivic went green instantly for me about 2 or 3 weeks ago.


14-02-2006 11:24:56

Well jdm, it's been a week now and you still havn't read my PM but you are still posting for trades on the trading post so you are on. Why don't you read your PM's. I just want to know if you've submitted for manual credit or not. I need to know if I need to find someone else to trade with. Poor communication is not a good way to build your TR. LET ME KNOW WHATS GOING ON!!!


14-02-2006 21:39:12

just for the sake of argument, he has answered all of my pm's within minutes and then also went green for me in less than 10 mins....very reliable in my experience....


15-02-2006 01:32:17

yeah.. he answered my pms too..... I'm still waiting for him to go green...As long as we're in good contact... I'm willing to wait... )


15-02-2006 03:28:58

wtf jdm, why the hell do you read theirs and not mine. I only sent him 2 PM's he read the first one and the second one sits there even though he's online. He asked me 2 weeks ago how to request a manual credit so I told him how to do it and havn't heard from him since. He will not tell me whether or not he applied for the man credit, I'm assuming he didn't because it still isn't green. I'm gonna harrass the hell out his forums until he responds to me, this is crazy im starting to get pissed now. What a piss poor trader, I gave him a green 1st cause my TR was lower at the time, he OWES me a green. You can't just ignore me jdm, let me know whats going on or I will be reporting you to a mod, they don't take kindly to these kinda stunts.


15-02-2006 06:32:17

once again IT IS NOT MY FAULT FREEPAY IS TAKING ITS SWEET TIME! I did the offer for you just be PATIENT! I cant respond to your 500 PMS When i told you clearly the first time, to just be patient, and i will submit a support ticket if it desnt go green shortly!!


15-02-2006 06:38:13

You've never responded to my PMs and I only sent you 3. You still haven't told my why you went red and whether or not you've asked about it or what you are going to do. I'd really appreciate a response.


15-02-2006 06:41:10

jdm you've got serious issues, first of all it's not even a freepay site you're doing for me, it's trainn and if you don't get credit after 2 weeks you submit for manual credit or you probably don't get credit, period. I have not sent you hundreds of pm's, just TWO. You understand this jdm? You need to get your crap together.


17-02-2006 19:24:02

jdm is a total scammer, it's been almost an entire month since he "signed up" for an offer for me and not only has he not gone green, he refuses read or reply to my pm sitting in his inbox. watch out for this guy, he may have done a few good trades but if he treats my trade like this it might become a habit for him. this guy is on every day to, i always see him on the list of people that have been on, he should've had plenty of time to at least tell me whats up. i'll make sure this thread stays at the top of the scammers section until he either responds to me or finally applies for manual credit, if he even did an offer.


18-02-2006 01:19:52

hmm it's been almost a month for me... he's my last green for macminis.freepay. May be I should start looking for other traders...


21-02-2006 10:21:05

Definately a scammer. Not only has he not replied to my PMs, he still hasn't replied to the messages I posted in this forum. I'm a patient person, but that only goes so far. It's time to give up and call him out for what he is.


22-02-2006 11:20:39

if you guys will just PM me i will be more then glad to give you a green, if i do owe you one. Again ive done offers, maybe they didnt go through, who knows why? But if i owe you a green ill give it to yuo, just PM me. Bye


22-02-2006 12:47:23

How about you just read the PM sitting in your inbox since Wed, Feb 8th! How's that sounds jdm, you shouldn't need a pm to see your trade status, our trade IS setup in the trade module jerk!


22-02-2006 13:25:01

PM'd you jdm, now I'd like a green.


23-02-2006 00:55:58

ditto to the above. PM'd you. still waiting for the green that you owe me, since mine went green last wed. could be trainn taking it's time; but still would like a heads up.

still patient though, for now)



24-02-2006 16:13:39

Well, he actually read my PM this time! The old one is still unread though, not sure what the point of that is. Problem is he still hasn't PM'd me back to let me know whats going on although I wouldn't be surprised if he has done nothing to get my green.


25-02-2006 10:20:04

I'm getting involved with this one now.


25-02-2006 10:58:15

Whooohooo Thank you doylnea, any help in getting some info out of this guy is very much appreciated woot


25-02-2006 19:50:57

Just as a heads up. A week ago he signed up under two different accounts and completed 2 offers for me on a Trainn site. He went red.

He claims it was an honest beginners mistake so I let it slide since he was trading first...but now that all this is going on. jdmturbocivic should be exposed.


26-02-2006 03:53:57

well i've repeatedly pm'd this guy. trade has been set up and i've gone green for him. it's been 11 days and he hasnt even signed up for my part of the deal yet. he's read my pm's and said 'ok' to let me know when he would go green way back a week ago.

scammer? sucks cause i'm a newbie and this is ridiculous.

any help or info would be greatly appreciated.


26-02-2006 16:06:54

crap I just traded with him...i will let u guys know what is up. jm go green for me! )


27-02-2006 12:44:43

He was on the forum this morning at 1130, but has not read or responded to my PM. I'll post his email address on Wednesday if no one has heard from him before then.


27-02-2006 14:30:49

thanks doylnea, he hasnt responded to my pm from saturday but he read it. I think some people just arent organized...


27-02-2006 14:41:03

He owes me a green too, I pm'ed him twice hasn't responded at all


27-02-2006 14:41:15

I havn't heard anything yet either.


27-02-2006 15:42:34

i think he will follow thru, it may just take a while. i have faith )


27-02-2006 15:47:00

lol I was telling myself the same thing a few weeks ago. This guys is full of bsflag


27-02-2006 19:06:16

pm'd him sunday morning. got a reply he hasn't been online and will take care of it sunday nite. it's monday nite and he still hasnt signed up for my part of the deal/green.




28-02-2006 10:50:50

yeah he hasnt looked at my pms from thursday or friday


28-02-2006 20:57:42

I wonder if posting his cell phone number would encourage him to respond?


01-03-2006 08:30:30

Okay, time to look for someone else to trade with. It's been 18 days since our trade.


01-03-2006 16:50:13

well, he does leave his cell number on his away message for aim...I messaged him we shall see what happens. cant call as i have laryngitis


01-03-2006 16:58:14

pm me his # i'll call him. I won't harrass him of course because that would be illegal but I would just call a couple times a day to see what the status of our trade is D


01-03-2006 17:21:13

[quotec275b8b52f="Elplasmo"]pm me his # i'll call him. I won't harrass him of course because that would be illegal but I would just call a couple times a day to see what the status of our trade is D[/quotec275b8b52f]

Just add him as a buddy - his away message lists his cell number.


01-03-2006 17:39:10

sweet! got his number, tried calling but all i could do was leave a message or page him, so i paged him! hope he calls back mrgreen


02-03-2006 11:00:52

yeah i have IMd him but he hasnt responded. also have 3 PMs over the last week in his pm box.


02-03-2006 21:15:06

any news? he is ignoring my pms and Ims


02-03-2006 22:23:50

ok, well before i go to sleep I am gonna pM a mod on this one. someone needs a firecracker lit under their ass


03-03-2006 04:20:07

hello, i havent really beeen on since ive been arguing with freepay about my ipods, i REFUSE to do another offer for any these damn sites, if/until my ipods comes off hold! If freepay, follows through then so will I, but im sick of this bs. You do the offers, then they still dick you over idts. So i hope freepay comes through, or im out of this "free" game.


03-03-2006 04:22:38

My offer wasn't on freepay, trainn is pretty good about manual credit.


03-03-2006 06:22:34

[quote7bddc800c8="jdmturbocivic"]hello, i havent really beeen on since ive been arguing with freepay about my ipods, i REFUSE to do another offer for any these damn sites, if/until my ipods comes off hold! If freepay, follows through then so will I, but im sick of this bs. You do the offers, then they still dick you over idts. So i hope freepay comes through, or im out of this "free" game.[/quote7bddc800c8]

That's a lie. You've been on every day since the thread was started about you.

You need to take responsibility for all of your trades immediately.


03-03-2006 07:42:28

jdm u can do rewardbull instead of freepay for me. i will pm and message u about this now. please buck up and do what is right.


03-03-2006 08:05:48

just chatted on IM with the man.
looks like he is POd at freepay and wont do any other sites until his freeipods issue is resolved. maybe we can get jake to weigh in on this. maybe the guy has a true case? 2 people went grey on him so he is on hold. our resolution, so that I could be done with all this is that he may end up paypaling me less money that i would normally take but to be done with this i think it is good.


03-03-2006 12:50:15

that's lame, what goes around comes around, he didn't give me a green like he should've over a month ago and he's done the same to others so he doesn't deserve to have his account taken off hold anyway.


03-03-2006 13:53:12

ditto here for the above.

you OWE me what you owe me. Buck up and do the right thing.

it's called a TRADE for a reason, and it's been weeks. This is ridiculous.



03-03-2006 14:18:09

yeah i agree. my only point about getting him off hold is that then he could do the trades )
he is supposed to IM me later and then paypal me the $. we shall see if it happens


03-03-2006 14:35:57

[quoteca31d4c1b7="jy3"]maybe the guy has a true case? 2 people went grey on him so he is on hold.[/quoteca31d4c1b7]

Oh really?? Oh pooooor guy, I feel SO bad for him! Oh wait, no, that was just sarcasm. Maybe if you didn't go grey on other people's sites (like mine for instance) you would have a valid argument, but in the mean time I hope they stay that way for you. And by the way, don't tell people you will read there PMs if you aren't even going to bother to open them up.


03-03-2006 17:01:48

lol, quoting me and then talking to him freaked me out a bit, felt like i got the tongue lashing...


04-03-2006 09:00:21

Well he won't respond to me at all, even when he's online If he's responding to you guys I'll let him be, if not, I've got my finger on the ban button.


04-03-2006 10:16:32

He hasn't responded to me in a month, BAN HIM!!! twisted


04-03-2006 10:18:41

yeah waiting for him to IM me again, he was supposed to PM me back about me getting paypal from him....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


04-03-2006 10:21:13

[i87a08d1951]HE LIES![/size87a08d1951][/color87a08d1951][/i87a08d1951] horse


04-03-2006 14:30:15

I've been trying to reach him on aim several times, never even responds, and I know he's on every time....WTF!!!....all i need him to do is request TR for our trade, and he won't even do that.....


04-03-2006 15:36:27

he didnt bother to read my last pm yet.

what a scammer because it's been weeks.



05-03-2006 12:55:07

JDM is banned. As is his new alter ego DJDivision. Please let me know if he contacts you via AIM to work out your trades.


07-03-2006 06:50:30

yeah he hasnt responded. doh!


07-03-2006 21:36:30

not to me either. not through aim or here (well he's banned) duh. ive left him with an email to msg me at. so ill try to leave him a msg on his aim until he does.

this blows.


14-03-2006 05:38:56

yeah no answer from him over AIM, no payment. i think this is a lost cause


14-03-2006 15:21:05

had this conversation with jdm today. he does not want to paypal me, but will do the green after he gets freepay resolved - i still dont think it will happen but we shall see

[1816] YowjoWypis hey any luck with freepay?
[1816] jdmturbocivic22 im working on it now
[1816] lilili Auto-response sent to jdmturbocivic22 "let the night surround you, half way to the starts, ebb and flow, let it go, feel the warmth the warmth beside you..."
~david gilmour
[1816] YowjoWypis cool, u mean the green for me?
[1817] YowjoWypis or getting back on track with freepay
[1817] jdmturbocivic22 im still working on freepay, i said once it goes through ill worry about trading, but even so im banned so theres not much i could do
[1817] YowjoWypis well after u get it sorted out, after u go green we can get u reinstated
[1817] jdmturbocivic22 k
[1817] YowjoWypis just keep me updated thanks
[1817] jdmturbocivic22 k
[1818] YowjoWypis good luck
[1818] jdmturbocivic22 thnx ill keep in touch
[1818] YowjoWypis k
[1818] YowjoWypis lata


20-03-2006 08:40:46

hey guys
any chance he could be unbanned with -1 TR?
this way he can make good on his trades? (including mine ))

here is our conversation today
[1137] YowjoWypis hey any news on the freepay front?
[1137] jdmturbocivic22 yea im gettin it taken care of but im still banned from FIG
[1137] lilili Auto-response sent to jdmturbocivic22 "let the night surround you, half way to the starts, ebb and flow, let it go, feel the warmth the warmth beside you..."
~david gilmour
[1138] YowjoWypis so are u going to do the offer for me then?
[1138] jdmturbocivic22 for what site?
[1138] YowjoWypis psps
[1138] YowjoWypis http//psps.freepay.com/?r=rut-row
[1138] jdmturbocivic22 yea that shouldnt be np, but i wanna be unbanned
[1138] YowjoWypis well if u do mine and we do the trade it will happen
[1139] YowjoWypis i will put in a good word now to the mods
[1139] YowjoWypis but doing the trade will result in unbanning and then you can make good on the rest
[1139] YowjoWypis here is our trade
[1139] YowjoWypis Yes
Hide jdms Xbox360 for jy3 psp jdmturbocivic
061550am 02/22/06 jy3
075448am 02/25/06
No contact info inserted.

note email= i use is email=johnyowpaiii@hotmail.comjohnyowpaiii@hotmail.com i use is email=johnyowpaiii@hotmail.comjohnyowpaiii@hotmail.com/email, email==aeneas3@excite.comaeneas3@excite.com=aeneas3@excite.comaeneas3@excite.com/email or email==jy40@cornell.edujy40@cornell.edu=jy40@cornell.edujy40@cornell.edu/email please list your email you will sign up under
[1139] YowjoWypis can u do it today? the damn freepay 90 day limit is looming over us all
[1140] jdmturbocivic22 yea
[1140] YowjoWypis cool
[1140] YowjoWypis shoot me an IM when ya do it
[1140] YowjoWypis ancestry is the best if u havent done it yet, or videoprof
[1140] YowjoWypis just no credit card offers please


20-03-2006 08:48:10

yeah but what about the rest of us he screwed, i think he should have to settle all his bad trades before the ban is lifted.


20-03-2006 08:55:06

right but how can he settle the trades if he is banned and cant get on here? there are a bunch of people, like cash4cookies who are -1 TR as they try to resolve their trades. just think it would be easier


20-03-2006 08:58:11

[quote19c268f0bf="jy3"]right but how can he settle the trades if he is banned and cant get on here? there are a bunch of people, like cash4cookies who are -1 TR as they try to resolve their trades. just think it would be easier[/quote19c268f0bf]

He can settle the trades outside of FiPG. If you have his AIM or email address, post it here.

Then, anyone with an outstanding trade can contact him directly.

Once his problems are solved, we'll ask whether anyone still has issues with him. If the answer is no, we might consider reversing the ban. But that's a long way off at this point.


20-03-2006 11:44:31

ok keith, I had PMd dolynea about this.
anyway, here is his contact information
AIM jdmturbocivic22
email= email=ap-productions@msn.comap-productions@msn.com email=ap-productions@msn.comap-productions@msn.com/email


10-04-2006 11:10:28

looks like he is going to be an ass and steal the green and not pay me for it or do a site


14-04-2006 15:49:52

had this conversation with jdm. i guess he isnt going to do the offer or paypal me. the ass

[1846] YowjoWypis so i guess u arent gonna make good on this?
[1846] jdmturbocivic22 i told u whats the deal
[1846] jdmturbocivic22 im banned from fig and i cant do a damn thing, so why even bother with this bs
[1846] YowjoWypis b/c making good on it after I went green for you is the right thing to do
[1847] YowjoWypis as per our trade
[1847] jdmturbocivic22 yea as per our trade on FIG which im no longer a part of
[1847] YowjoWypis right but an agreement is an agreement
[1847] YowjoWypis regardless of where it is made
[1848] YowjoWypis but i guess not all people operate by the same morals and ethics
[1848] YowjoWypis which is a shame b/c i thought u would
[1849] YowjoWypis anyway, it would be nice if u made good. but if not, karma will come around


14-04-2006 15:50:18

may do a little research thru his phone number. )


16-06-2006 20:07:24

bump so others can see this thread


12-02-2007 19:47:45

shrug[quote9f7f2d7a5e]Away Message
Around relaxing Call/Txt the cell 732-406-5959[/quote9f7f2d7a5e]


13-02-2007 06:40:26

doylnea, undercover Admin...