TylerC- You have had over 2 weeks to complete an offer

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22-01-2006 18:04:13

So he had a higher TR rating so I went first. He hasnt gone yet and I have asked him multiple times over the past two weeks. He keeps avoiding it and saying he did an offer, he is still yellow. Im not sure if he is just very bad at the whole trading thing or if he has scammed me. If you see this TylerC please tell me whats going on.


22-01-2006 18:08:08

He's temp-banned for another 4 days so he'll respond then.


22-01-2006 18:13:26

Great...what did he do scam someone.


22-01-2006 18:13:59

No he was rude.


22-01-2006 18:17:54

Sounds good to me as long as he wasnt cheating people. =)


26-01-2006 17:10:39

If its only been 2 weeks, then don't worry. A lot of time the freebie sites credit slow. Especially freepay lately. It took me about 21 days to get a green. 15 days before you can request manual credit, then another few days to get that processed. Just ask him on AIM to request manual credit after 15 days, and it should be fine.

I did a trade with him a long time ago, and things may not have been perfect, but he never was in anyway trying to scam.


26-01-2006 17:36:12

You didn't think to IM me OR PM me all this time? I had finals last week and have been studying for them for a long time, and I have been studying for the SATs.

Sorry for the wait, offer is done now.

When have you reminded me?

I'm on AIM even if I'm not there, and I don't remember getting any IMs from you, and I KNOW I didn't get any PMs.