What if someone dosn't get back to you on a trade

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21-01-2006 09:14:25

I am doing a trade with someone who has a lower TR so he went first. This was over a month ago and he is still yellow. I pm'd him about a week ago and then again a few days ago and no response. When can i just request deletion on this and try to open up a new trade with someone else?


21-01-2006 10:22:39

Judging by your TR, I think you can make that decision yourself.


21-01-2006 10:40:30

If this happens, I usually just leave the trade untouched in the trade module since it won't bite.


21-01-2006 10:52:12

I think 2 weeks with no communication / response is good enough to request deletion. As long as you tried to contact him a few times during those 2 weeks, then you should be fine. You could always PM a mod to double check =]


21-01-2006 11:57:22

I say if theres no response and u've been pming him then ur all good


21-01-2006 13:46:24

If he has been ignoring you or not replying to your PM's and it's been more than 1 month like you said, then as long as you PM him to tell him that you are cnacelling the trade due to his lack of communication, then you can delete it.

Then if he does get on and eventually reads it, then he knows and it's his own fault.


21-01-2006 20:16:55

I've had similar situations - what happens if he goes green after you cancel the trade? Do you have any obligation to green for him?



21-01-2006 21:06:55

[quote232ad20a0f="JerriBlank"]I've had similar situations - what happens if he goes green after you cancel the trade? Do you have any obligation to green for him?[/quote232ad20a0f]
I think you have some obligation. I know that if some refs go green after I am approved for a site, I send them a small amount of PayPal just for their troubles.


21-01-2006 21:10:46

If the other person has been out of touch and you have tried to get in touch with him, but he has either ignored you, hasn't been online or has just fallen from the face of the earth then as long as you PM him and tell him you are cancelling the trade then whether he greens or not makes no difference, you still don't owe him anything.

This is only applied after 1 month of waiting since some sites require you to wait 30 days for credit, some 15, some 1 week but then their support takes 2 weeks.

So if you've waited 1 month or more, and have heard nothing from him but have tried getting in touch with him, then as long as you told him you wanted to cancel the trade then you are in the clear. The trade is cancelled and his lack of communication is not your fault.


22-01-2006 09:38:40

Thanks guys, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't out of line from any rules on the forum.