Warning! Shamash will try to back out of your deal!!

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17-01-2006 20:54:09

As most of you know, Freepay's crediting slowed down significantly over the holidays. Due to this I was forced to hound customer service for the greens I was owed for the offers I signed up for during Freepay's "vacation". The greens finally began to trickle in over the last week.

One of the traders I made a trade with is shamash[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=4911]shamash. He is now refusing to honor our deal because he claims I took too long to green. Obviously I had no control over how fast crediting would occur and likely would never have received credit had I not been persistent with customer service.

Point is, shamash[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=4911]shamash has a good trade record here on FiPG. It is with regret that I must make this post but he is using his leverage to rip me off.

Shamash, you need to be a man and honor your deal.


17-01-2006 20:56:10

You took over a month to green.

You greened 2 weeks AFTER I GOT APPROVED.

I've been told that if it takes more than a month to green, you don't have to finish.

And always goto a mod before making a post.

Thank you.


17-01-2006 20:58:54

I don't care about your approval. I care about the deal we agreed on. Men honor their deals, b1tches don't.

And it was not a month. Today is 01.17.05. I signed up on your link on 12.21.05


17-01-2006 21:09:14

[quotec18bf6908e="shamash"]You took over a month to green.

You greened 2 weeks AFTER I GOT APPROVED.

[bc18bf6908e]I've been told that if it takes more than a month to green, you don't have to finish.[/bc18bf6908e]

And always goto a mod before making a post.

Thank you.[/quotec18bf6908e]
Did you talk to a mod about that? Just because 'someone' said it doesn't mean it goes.


17-01-2006 21:16:26

I'm pretty sure it was a thread of someone else complaining the same thing that happened to me, and the mods agreed that a month was a good time.


17-01-2006 21:25:37

A month is a good time if you are out of communication.

If you have both kept in touch with each other at least once in the last 30 days, then unless you both mutually agree that you want to call off or cancel the trade, then the trade is still active.

Trades should not just be assumed to have failed. You have to speak to each other, try to work something out and if you both agree that it's pointless keeping the trade alive, then cancel it.

shamash, if you didn't get in touch with him about not needing his ref or not wanting to continue the trade, or he didn't agree to the trade being cancelled, then you either owe him compensation (green or Paypal).

If you both agreed to call it off, or you were both out of contact since the trade started, then the trade is cancelled and shamash doesn't have to do anything more.

Judging by the original poster's 2nd response, the trade hasn't even been active for 1 month.


17-01-2006 21:36:14

It was a hell of a long time, and a worthless VERY late green, but if I have to I'll do my end of the deal, even though I don't think it's fair.

Can this be locked/deleted? I honestly don't see why he made a thread before PMing a mod.


17-01-2006 21:41:20

When someone opens a scammer thread I leave it unlocked unless there is really no need for it. Since this obviously did need resolving it will stay open until it has been resolved.


17-01-2006 21:50:39

Aren't you not even supposed to make a thread until you contact a mod?


17-01-2006 21:51:06

I have no control over Freepay's crediting policies. Honor your deal.


17-01-2006 21:52:35

The $25 paypal you requested has been sent.

Please remove me from your signature, and get this stupid thread deleted.

I'm not a scammer, you're just a shitty trader.


17-01-2006 21:54:49

You take a month to go green, then I pay you more than the site is worth, for your green that didn't do anything for me, and you tell me to kiss your ass and call me a bitch.

That's mature.


17-01-2006 21:54:55

Paypal has been sent.


17-01-2006 21:55:36

[quote1c8b39f60e="phunkstar"]I have no control over Freepay's crediting policies.[/quote1c8b39f60e]


17-01-2006 21:57:08

Still, you definately overreacted, and acted in the wrong way.


17-01-2006 21:59:04

I overreacted?

In the 15 or so deals I've completed since starting into the freebie scene, more tha 50% of them have gone sour on me due to scammers.

You'd be hot too. Nothing personal. Lets call it good.


17-01-2006 21:59:54

Well, you can look at my TR, feedback, and status, and see that I'm not planning on ripping you off $25.

I've donated $70 to this site alone. For no profit.


17-01-2006 22:06:30

Seriously I hate waiting that long. I've had to pay someone Two Months after I received my product. Its even more annoying when newbs start a thread in this forum without contacting a moderator. Can we start enforcing the rule saying you have to contact a mod b4 opening this thread?


17-01-2006 22:25:19

Yeah, it's really quite annoying to have a post about you in here when they 1) Took a month and 2) Didn't contact a mod


17-01-2006 22:42:02

Well you did try to scam him.


17-01-2006 22:43:19

You can't back out if it hasn't even been a month. That's just not cool.


17-01-2006 22:43:30

No I didn't. I honestly don't believe he deserves the paypal I gave him.


18-01-2006 01:17:25

So because something that was out of his hands took longer than you both expected, he doesn't deserve what he should have gotten if it took 1 day?

How would you feel in his situation? You would expect something right?

He signed up for you, he greened but it took a month, these things happen. If you were not in contact in that time then you deserve to get your cash back. If you were in contact then you were right to pay him.

I had someone who took longer than we both expected to green (about 6 weeks), who eventually greened 2 weeks after I was paid by Trainn. I didn't need his green but he did what we agreed on so I paid him. I may have grumbled to myself for a moment but I certainly didn't complain about it, because I know/knew that if I was in his situation I would expect something back too.


18-01-2006 06:37:56

Well when someone starts a trade with you and then stays yellow for 27 days, sending you emails and PMs every once in a while asking if you've done an offer on their site yet, then all of a sudden, they go green and demand that you do stuff right this second, it's a little ridiculous IMO. Seriously, he's a horrible trader, it's his first trade, and he was very gross in everything he did. I would definately not trade with him again.


18-01-2006 07:33:02

But it WASNT his fault lol. He didn't tell freepay DONT credit me. And if he signed up for your site right away, I don't see why he wouldnt get paid right away...


18-01-2006 07:37:14

Blame freepay =] jk


18-01-2006 07:39:01

[quotefb42d7096e="Airkat"]But it WASNT his fault lol. He didn't tell freepay DONT credit me. And if he signed up for your site right away, I don't see why he wouldnt get paid right away...[/quotefb42d7096e]

How do I know he actually did an offer 27 or 28 days or however long ago it was? When it takes this long, I seriously wonder about it.


18-01-2006 11:40:39

It's resolved, someone just lock the thread.


18-01-2006 13:21:50

/me has no choice but to listen to what ilanbg tells him to do.