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17-01-2006 16:10:18

mods can close this


17-01-2006 19:29:11

but.. but.. its the 17th.. he's in china, i would think to give it a week past the date? What time is it in china now? lol


17-01-2006 20:07:44

No he said he wold be back and do the offer on the 16th or 17th.


17-01-2006 20:09:28

Maybe he's got the avian flu? shock


18-01-2006 17:54:54

well I just wanted say that I just came back from China and got no avian flu...
will resolve this issue now


18-01-2006 18:28:05

He said his flight got delayed.

He came back, that's all I care about.


19-01-2006 12:58:25

It is green, please check it


19-01-2006 15:21:41

You people need to stop being so trigger happy when it comes to greens. He said he'd be back on the 16/17 so courtesy and common sense would lead you to not assume he was a scammer until at least a few days after then, maybe even a week.

Flights get delayed, people get jet-lag, they stay longer than they expected, their bangkok chick-boy couldn't get through customs, shit happens.

Just be a bit more patient next time kids, Ok?