Bobbyk418 ~~RESOLVED~~

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10-01-2006 19:32:23

This trade started out in early November. I went green for Bobbyk418 in no less than two days for him, and I'm going on two months waiting for him to do the same for me. After waiting 2 weeks, I pmed him asking him whats up and to send a support ticket for the offer he claimed he completed. He replied a couple days later saying he's been busy with work and the holidays and would get around to on the weekend of Dec. 15th. I pmed him Dec. 20. No response. Yesterday, I pmed AND e-mailed him. Still, no response. Have I been scammed?


10-01-2006 19:54:10

It appears to be that you have indeed been scammed.

He hasn't visited the forum since December 4th. (


11-01-2006 15:19:59

Is there anything you can do about it?


11-01-2006 15:35:32

My reach only goes as far as this site, I can't make him come back or get online or answer PM's, especially if he isn't visiting the forum in the first place.

If you want, PM me and I can give you the e-mail address he used to register on this forum with and you could try e-mailing him there.


19-01-2006 15:28:12

This issue has since been resolved. Is there any way to delete this thread?


19-01-2006 16:55:39

I'll leave it her but lock it.

Thank you for letting me know.