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09-01-2006 19:25:44

Has anyone heard from TheLiebenator lately? I went green for him on Dec. 22 and sent him a PM saying so, but he hasn't even read it, and he hasn't signed up for my site. Is anyone else dealing with him on trades here or on another site? I suppose it's possible he just isn't back in school or something, but I surely hope I'm not getting scammed AGAIN.

Speaking of missing persons, has anyone seen any sign of JJwalkerT, the guy who sold himself to the highest bidders to do a bunch of sites? I was one of his high bidders, but he hasn't gone yellow for me yet. No worries - I haven't paid him either - but it's an annoyance.


Edit As TSJ says, he disappeared from here after Dec. 8.


09-01-2006 20:37:50

Before anyone asks, yes she has contacted a Mod (me) and I told her to make a thread if she wanted since there seem to be a few people having problems with TheLiebenator and he hasn't been here since December 8th.


17-01-2006 17:46:24

TheLiebenator has also not read any of the messages I've sent him.
Looks like this is a lost cause...