Problem Resolving...disregard please

Live forum:


06-01-2006 11:12:15

I'm resolving the problem now. For the time being, ignore the following message.

I started a trade back in December with this user, and we had the same TR, so I went first by Paypaling HALF the money as a part of our trade. He does not answer my IMs on AIM and he's reading his PMs on here, but not responding. I IMed him, and had a friend of mine IM him. He only responded to my friend, and not me. The one time I did get a hold of him, when I mentioned the pending trade, he quickly changed subject, and then when i mentioned it again, he stopped responding.

DarkKenshinX.... you're responding to people's IMs as "do I owe you a trade" well I am owed a trade from you, and you need to at least let me know what's up, because you're NOT, and it's pissing me off. Is anyone else in the same boat?