Is Decile a SCAMMER??? Yep, I think so.

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04-01-2006 17:26:11

Set up a trade with decile on December 19th...I went green immediatley...still waiting for his. Have received a few very lame PM's but no yellow even to this point.
I know that he has read my PM's and am sick of waiting. Anyone else in the same boat?

Mods can you please review his status? Thanks.


04-01-2006 17:43:57

I would tell him you are going to report him to the freebie site you did for him if he does not sign up and e-mail you a screenshot of him completing the offer within 3 days.


04-01-2006 19:15:10

Thanks for the info, will do just that.


04-01-2006 21:10:44

He is still viewing the forum so I have PM'ed him and told him to reply to this thread. If he doesnt then his TR will be dropped.

Then if nothing is still done then a ban will happen.


05-01-2006 08:39:07

thank you for the help! Here's to hoping.


08-01-2006 11:18:36

He has screwed me as well. We are going on almost a month. And very poor excuses as to why. DO NOT DEAL WITH decile


08-01-2006 18:25:25

Still haven't heard from decile.

Ban him!!!! lock


08-01-2006 19:41:53

I agree, why is it the hardest ref to get green is always the last. Sooo close, sooo screwed.
Trade last updated by him 12/14
I did his
last excuse was
hey I was out of town for the holidays and I just got my new paypal debit card. I'll complete an offer today.

Hey, I was doing an offer on your site and my PayPal debit card got denied. I checked the account and paypal made me change my email, my password, and they had to call me for account verification. I had to order a new debit card from them too. Once it gets here I'll do your offer, don't worry I won't forget.


09-01-2006 06:24:22

Hey I just got back home and the ipod that I got was from, I can still do freepay's ipods.

That is what I heard last from decile on Dec. 28th. I also have noticed that he hasn't been checking this forum recently. I think we have been screwed. At least he had some lame excuse about his paypal for you, this PM makes it sound like we hadn't even set up a trade!

I also did his yourfreevideoipod site. At least he most likley has his ipod! evil

I do think a drop in TR or a ban is in order................let's make sure that we are the last ones he does this to.


10-01-2006 19:57:52

Unless anyone has any objections I am going to ban him.