icebreakers02 = dietschISback = SCAMMER!

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03-01-2006 17:08:01

Anyone traded with icebreakers02 or dietschISback? I got an instant green for him at 123stuffforfree. Notified him immediately. He signed off AIM.

It was entirely my fault. I refused to do his offer at first but then he started joking, saying nice sweet things, sounding real friendly. I let my guards down and did his offer. BBAAMMM. Scammed. Everytime he gets online, he'd curse at me and then sign off. Very annoying!!!

Be warned!!! His infos are as follows

Site 123stuffforfree
Ref 193
AIM Dietsch2k

dietschISback is also icebreakers02 (same person i believe)


03-01-2006 18:53:24

It sucks that you were scammed, but both have been banned.

Just so you know (incase you didn't already), it is very very very strongly advised to not trade over AIM without having the other person PM you from the name that they claim to be using on FiPG. Also don't let anyone persuade you to not use the Trade Module.


03-01-2006 20:09:51

I actually went through the trade module. I file him as "other out of contact". How would I remove that trade from my trade module? I'd just have to request deletion now?


03-01-2006 20:15:48

Yeah just change it to request deletion.


03-01-2006 20:25:42

Report him to the website and get his account put on hold, 123StuffForFree is a member at Anything4Free.

I hate to say this, but you getting scammed is kind of your own fault. You should have told him to go first since your TR is higher.


04-01-2006 13:18:08

this kid just jacked me of half a credit at his 123stuffforfree
how can i report him?


04-01-2006 14:08:46

[quote083d7a03ea="jayemtee"]this kid just jacked me of half a credit at his 123stuffforfree
how can i report him?[/quote083d7a03ea]

Make a support ticket on your 123StuffForFree account and give his ID#, e-mail address, etc. and say he scammed you. I'd also post a link to this thread for more proof.


04-01-2006 14:20:47

I talked to him on AIM. He said YOU scammed HIM of $25. He was banned though for posting a referral link in a post. His account at 123Stuff shouldn't be frozen unless one of you can give proof that one of you didn't scam.

He sent me the email that the owner of 123Stuff sent him regarding the freezing of accounts.

[quote56e0029485]Hello Matthew,

Any deals you work out for referrals are you own business. They do not
affect whether or not we place someone on hold.

To change the gift you've chosen, log into our site and click on the
Account' link at the top. You will then see a 'Change Item' link.

Good luck with our site.

Dave Friedman

Where getting free stuff is easier than writing a slogan.


Both of you seem truthful.


04-01-2006 14:23:16

watch out its a tricks he said samething to me , he dosent wanna use trade rules watch out.. your gonna get scammed if u trade with him


04-01-2006 21:00:42

He wasn't banned for posting a ref link. He was temp-banned for making another thread after being told not to, so he made another name and did the same and started trying to trade.

People were complaining about him and his trading ethics so he was banned.


05-01-2006 11:15:48

The screenname he used to contact me is Dietsch2k. Does he also have other AIM screennames?