Anyone here scammed by this guy?

Live forum:


30-12-2005 14:20:37


I know this is for A4F, but perhaps some of the contact info is the same as that of a banned user from here.

Either way, if any of you have been scammed by this guy, PM me and whatnot, and I shall attempt to get your money back.


30-12-2005 14:45:30

From Argentina ha

about those e-mails, I don't know who they are


30-12-2005 14:47:02

I never bothered to change that in my profile. For some odd reason that's the default flag.


30-12-2005 14:47:50

Becuse it's at the top of the list. wink


30-12-2005 15:14:02

Yeah, I realized that after I posted. oops

Anyways, the thread has been updated with all the information I wanted to find. I'm sure there's more but I don't see much use in finding anything further.

Ye all be warned.

..Now to move onto the second scammer who got a freepsp referral from me; dragonguy83....


30-12-2005 15:17:56

luckily i dont see any of that info in my spreadsheet which goes back to even the quicktrade days (