illinifan8361 -please read and respond

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27-12-2005 17:03:50

I give up on trying to reach you through email and PM. Please respond to me asap. I paid you 35.00 on 12/11 to do an offer on freegadgets4me. You took over 2 weeks to even register on the site and still no green. I have asked you many, many, manyh times to PLEASE submit all the info to the site owner via a support ticket for credit...cant credit without it. He just told me that you still have not requested any type of credit, nor have you submitted any support ticket. As far as I know you never even did the offer. Either produce a green, or refund my payment asap. My patience has run out.

Yes, a mod has supposedly been involved, but Keith never got back to me about this, so back to the forum I go with this issue.


27-12-2005 19:38:53

Please see this thread for information about this user