How long do you wait til you say its enough?

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27-12-2005 14:39:35

I have a couple of current trades going on and its been a month since they said they did an offer and still no green. One has been out of contact (but has been reading my PMs) and the other I'm not quite sure if he knows what he's doing. Both of them have a lower TR so I'm not getting scammed, but I need to know if have to get more referals for my site and I'm not about to wait longer. I also want to give them the chance to credit (if they did do an offer) since they have signed up.


27-12-2005 16:28:42

If that one is reading your PMs but not responding, screw em and move on. I'd wait a lil first tho (dunno how long you've waited so far) because he may be checking in from a mobile device or family's house etc..


27-12-2005 16:33:02

Uhhh... I would wait just b/c of a bad exp I just had. He went green for me after a month of waiting with no contact from either sides and now I owe him $20.


27-12-2005 16:41:20

That's a potential situation, but I wonder what the rules say in that situation. Without contact by the other side, isnt that considered "shady"?


27-12-2005 17:13:40

I'm contacting a mod about the out-of-contact guy but I'm going to wait on the other since he is responding.


27-12-2005 22:38:59

Yeah there should be some type of rule set up to cancel a trade after a certain point.