double_d is a scammer -*Resolved*

Live forum:


23-12-2005 11:21:51

Set up a trade with him in Late October. First e-mail address he signed up with never greened so he sent for a support ticket where they told him he had not completed an offer. Then he signs up with a different e-mail address and assures me he'll green. I have been out of contact with him since Dec. 5.


28-12-2005 12:08:26

Contacted 2 mods but have not received a PM back from them. Is there a list of moderators who actively pursue these things that I should be contacting instead?


28-12-2005 12:23:28

I found out about this from another mod and PMed double_d about the situation and dropped his TR to -1. He replied back to me just now saying

[quotee27ed53d94]Ok. Will resolve this ASAP.[/quotee27ed53d94]


28-12-2005 15:18:11



11-02-2006 17:22:15

I see that double_d is back. Has this situation been resolved?


11-02-2006 19:30:10

Double_D is back, and he is compensating me with paypal. He has not sent it to me as of 1032 EST 2/11/06. Will update as it progresses.


12-02-2006 10:12:48

Situation has been resolved.